Was Josh Rosen A Wasted Trade For Miami? (Revised 1-29-2020)


Josh Rosen was the 10th pick in the 2018 NFL draft by the Arizona Cardinals, after a year they fired their head coach brought in a new coach who wanted a different quarterback, in 2019 the Cardinals had the first pick in the draft and selected quarterback Kyler Murray.

The Miami Dolphins made a trade for the discarded quarterback in exchange for the No. 62 pick in the second round and a fifth-round pick in 2020. Josh Rosen has spent a year on the Dolphins roster, he was given a brief opportunity to start, did not fare well and was benched after starting two and a half games.

For the remainder of the season Josh Rosen never got another snap as quarterback for the Miami Dolphins as veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick gave the Dolphins the best chance to win according to head coach Brian Flores and remained the starter.

Many people are wondering what’s going on with Josh Rosen, some are even questioning whether it’s was a wise idea to even trade for Josh Rosen. There are some people who are too obsessed about the quarterback position and considering what we Dolphins fans have been through It’s understandable.

So let your Dolphin Seer explain to you why we have Josh Rosen.

GM Chris Grier was recently ask about the trade for Josh Rosen and this is what he said

[Rosen is] a young player that has some talent, For us going forward knowing that we were going to have a lot of picks, and money available in the future, it made sense for us to make that trade. 

We’re happy we made it. Josh has made huge strides like [coach] Brian [Flores] has talked about. It’s been fun watching him grow. Nobody got to see it, but he did a tremendous job growing.”

A morning talk show host in Miami the most popular morning talk show host Joe Rose took a shot at the comments of Chris Grier basically ridiculing that comment that Josh Rosen has grown.

His take on the situation is if he grew why didn’t he play?

This is the very reason why the Dolphin Seer started blogging because of idiots like that.

You have people with their opinions who have a wide audience due to their having access to radio waves, they spew whatever opinion they have and unfortunately there are so many mindless people in the world who will just believe what they hear.

In fact this time of year there are so many lies, half truths and deceptions being thrown about from the media, fans, agents, teams and individual players especially on the internet.

So let me tell you why the move to trade for Josh Rosen was an excellent decision.

First of all the Dolphins are in search of a franchise quarterback, they know the only way to get one is to start to drafting young quarterbacks. So you can’t fault them for trying even if Rosen never develops into our franchise QB. Some quarterbacks need time to development others seem to catch on right away but in order to get a franchise quarterback you’re going to have to continue to search for one.

The Dolphins have had a year to look at Josh Rosen and it is apparent that Josh Rosen needs development so Brian Flores after making a huge mistake of starting Josh in the first place at least was smart enough to pull him when he realized he was not ready for the starting job. Not only that the team was not well positioned/stocked to help this young QB because of their inexperience. That’s why a veteran QB like Fitzpatrick was the perfect fit for last year’s team so lacking in experience and talent!

The Dolphins have not given up on Josh Rosen, in fact I contend that the moves made with the coaching staff especially the firing of Chad O’Shea was a direct result of trying to improve on the development of Josh Rosen.

The Dolphins know that Josh Rosen has talent they also know that Josh Rosen needs more development so who’s to say that the Dolphins have not already identified Josh Rosen as their future quarterback and is now looking to surround him with the proper help?

So far all you have is speculation when it comes to what the Dolphins intend to do about their future quarterback, will they even draft a quarterback this year or will they give Josh Rosen a fair shot after building a team around him to take the reign as starting quarterback.

Josh Rosen signed a 4 year, $17,597,756 contract with the Arizona Cardinals, including a $10,878,368 signing bonus, $17,597,756 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $4,399,439. In 2020, Rosen will earn a base salary of $660,000 and a roster bonus of $1,419,796, while carrying a cap hit of $2,079,796 and a dead cap value of $4,959,490.

The Dolphins have the rights to Josh Rosen for the next 3 years for $6,239,388 dollars. He is a very cheap option at QB, he is even cheaper than most veteran backup QB’s with a potential HUGE upside. The Dolphins are wisely beginning the PROCESS of investing in QB’s. With a real possibility of getting a return on their investment in the way of Rosen securing the starting job in Miami or creating value for a trade somewhere down the line.

You can best believe that Josh Rosen will come to camp ready to compete and just might win the starting job, if not he will have stiff competition from whoever the Dolphins possibly will draft this year and if it happens to be Tua Tagovailoa than they might opt to red-shirt him his rookie year allowing Rosen to get a further head start in securing the starting job and that is a win/win for Miami who would have some QB needy teams begging for a trade for one of our young QB’s.

So brace yourself as rumors and speculations will grow rampant over the next few months, keep in mind that the Dolphins did their due diligence when it comes to Josh Rosen because they are looking for a franchise quarterback and maybe they’ve already found him, only time will tell. The Dolphins can not lose on this one and I look forward to seeing how things unfold in the near future!


Fins Up!

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