Was It All Worth It?


Before the season began we fans were aware that the Miami Dolphins made the decision to rebuild this team.

They finally got over the idea that they were one player away and realized that the team needed a complete overhaul, so that’s exactly what they did they tore the team down to the studs and after 20 years of mediocrity I can’t think of too many Dolphins fans that did not agree with that decision.

The Hope was that the Dolphins would end up with a top draft pick, even  more the thought was that this team was so bad that they would get the first pick in the 2020 NFL draft.

Now that the season is over let’s look back and see was it all worth it?

The 2019 season started off really bad I mean historically bad, the Dolphins could not have started with a worst schedule in the NFL if it were planned..

They started off the season against what would eventually be the top ranked team in an AFC the Baltimore Ravens and the Ravens blasted the Dolphins 59-10.

The following week the Dolphins hosted the New England Patriots and once again they got embarrassed 43-0

In week three they go on the road to play the Dallas Cowboys and once again get embarrassed 31- 6

Week four the Dolphins hosted the Los Angeles Chargers and suffers another embarrassing loss 30-10.

After four games the Dolphins had been out scored 163 -51 and the false narrative that the team was tanking was in full force, so locally and nationally they were being criticized for what was perceived tanking.

In defense of Miami’s poor start, general manager Chris Grier made some moves just before the start of the season and even a couple weeks into the season that depleted the team of what little talent remaining on the roster and Brian Flores ended up with the least talented team in an NFL.

In addition throughout the season the Dolphins was turning the roster over and over looking for a small gems to add to the roster.

So as painful as it was to start the season off 0 -7 It was not like we weren’t forewarned that the Dolphins  would be a bad team during the 2019 season.

At 0-7 the Dolphins were in the driver’s seat for the first pick in the NFL draft but then the realistic fear that this team could go 0-16 started to creep into everybody’s mind and nobody wanted the Dolphins to tarnish the perfect 16-0 season by having the history books report an opposite winless season for the Miami Dolphins.

So the schedule brought the perfect victims the New York Jets and former head coach Adam Gase came to Miami to play the Dolphins, by then our Dolphins started to play a lot better and had a real chance to beat the struggling New York Jets.

That was the perfect game to win for so many reasons and sure enough our Miami Dolphins pulled off their first victory of the season by beating former head coach Adam Gase and his stinking Jets….🙂

So the Dolphins finally won their first game of the season and who better to win against than our former arrogant head coach who is now the Jets problem.

This began what would become the most frustrating season I have ever witnessed as a Dolphins fan. I was happy for the win against the Jets and truly wanted that win but I’m also one of those who feel that winning too many games ruins the Dolphins chance in picking high in the draft.

I question the value of a win over the value of a loss and realistically what fan wants to root against his own team unless they are desperate and only want what is best for the team, especially when they’re not going to the playoffs. What is best is to get as high a draft pick as possible.

I personally wanted to Dolphins to get the number one overall pick at best and at least the second pick at worse.

After an 0 and 7 start the Dolphins ended up winning 5 of the last 9 games and ultimately ending up picking 5th in the NFL draft.

So the question is was it all worth it?

Ultimately the only way to answer that question is to allow the 2020 off-season and NFL draft to take place and see how this team performs next year.

Although I’m disappointed that the team ended up picking fifth in this year’s draft because I envisioned the Dolphins being in the position to get one at the top two blue chip players coming out in the draft.

  They steal will get a very good player picking fith but it sure would have been nice be sitting there in first or second place in this year’s draft.

There are some positives to come out of last season, such as the emergence of DeVonte Parker the play of quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and what will eventually prove to be the best thing that happened this year is to have found what appears to be our coach of the future in Brian Flores.

This was a roller coaster season of emotions That only time will tell if it was worth it because it all depends on how the Dolphins managed to move forward in the rebuild.

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