The Sleeping Giant Awakes!


I am as guilty as any in my criticism of DeVante Parker but I am unapologetic about my criticism because he deserved to be criticized, he did not live up to what any of us expected.

I questioned the Dolphins even given this guy another shot as I thought he would be one of the ones that the Dolphins purged from the roster this past season.

Much to my surprise the Dolphins gave DeVante Parker a contract extension and an opportunity to once again prove himself, I was thinking after 4 years what else does he need to prove the guy is a bust.

I was wrong!

Boy was I wrong, DeVante Parker had an outstanding season he finally played consistently with what we had been teased with for far too long.

Like I said I’m unapologetic about my criticism but I’m also very happy to finally praise and compliment DeVante for his outstanding season.

I’m happy that the Dolphins made the decision to give him one more shot and I also will have to credit Ryan Fitzpatrick for taking his shots and giving DeVante an opportunity to win one-on-one battles.

So let’s look back at DeVante Parker’s 2019 season, the season he finally woke up!

In 2019 DeVante Parker had by far his best season as a Dolphin. He had 72 receptions for 1,202 yards and an average of 16.7 yards per reception and 9 touchdowns.

Those are actually Pro Bowl numbers and even though he was snubbed most likely due to the teams lack of success, it bodes well for the future of both the Dolphins and DeVante Parker if they can get similar production throughout the rest of his career as a Dolphin player.

I’m not sure what the future holds but if we can get what we’ve gotten out of him this year moving forward DeVante Parker will go down it’s one of the best receivers in Dolphins history.

Thank you DeVante for a great season and as one of your critics I am just equally willing to praise you for the fine job that you’ve done and I truly am happy that you’re still wearing a Dolphins uniform.

It just might be time to get a DeVante Parker Jersey…

Fins Up!

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