Lack of Stability Can Hurt Brian Flores


As I reported earlier the Miami Dolphins granted permission for defensive coordinator Patrick Graham to take a lateral move and become the defensive coordinator of the New York Giants.

Now the Dolphins will have a new defensive and offensive coordinator after just one season.

The overall numbers of both the defense and offence was not great last season, but considering that the team was stripped of basically all it’s talent and what was left was players often injured or already out for the season. We all can agree that all the coaches did an admirable job.

Unfortunately the players will have to get use to a new offensive coordinator and offensive system but at least on the defensive side the Dolphins will promote within.

Josh Boyer will become the new defensive coordinator, he too followed Brian Flores last year from New Englands staff, he worked as cornerback coach/pass-game coordinator this past season for the Dolphins.

It’s too early to say whether this is a good thing or a bad thing but it’s a little disheartening to see so many changes on this coaching staff after just one season.

Hopefully Brian Flores can get control of his coaching staff by creating an environment in Miami where they would want to stay and work with him, I mentioned in my previous article some of the flaws of Brian Flores when so many people are jumping ship or being thrown off the ship.

Brian Flores had the control to hire who he wanted and he has the control to fire who he wants, but this revolving door situation in Miami after only one year is not a good sign as it points to Brian Flores as maybe not the easiest guy to work for.

I know he’s driven and he wants to win and his competitive spirit is truly welcomed, his leadership ability is also something that was sorely needed, at the same time he can’t become a tyrant, as a first time head coach I’m pretty sure there’s some maturation process that he has to go through in order to understand how important his entire staff is for him to accomplish his goals, but even more important than having his staff is maintaining that staff and working together and building his staff into one of the better staffs in the NFL.

You can’t do that if you have so much turnover.

I enjoyed this past year all the press conferences from the previous offensive and defensive coordinators, I think they both did a good job with the press and explained to the fans what their goals were in harmony with head coach Brian Flores.

I know Chan Galey is a good coach and I’m sure he’ll get this offense on track especially the run game, I don’t know much about Josh Boyer other than he did a very good job with the cornerbacks especially considering all the injuries and new faces that unit had to deal with.

I’m not sure if you notice but Brian Flores has taken a very unorthodox approach in some of his replacements to his coaching staff, he’s even hired a high school coach to his staff recently and with  a few openings to filll who knows where he will go.

I just hope that he can create a stable environment and a very good working environment for his coaches to want to remain under his authority.

That all starts and ends with Brian Flores!

Fins Up!

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