The End Of A Dynasty?


Father time is undefeated and despite his desire to play into he’s 50, time has caught up with Tom Brady all the botox in the world and hair replacement can’t hide the fact tht Tom Brady has gotten old and this is a young man’s game.

Tom Brady’s legacy is etched in stone and he’s a surefire first time ballot Hall of Fame player and arguably the greatest quarterback of all time especially if you consider his record.

He may not have been the most talented quarterback to ever play the game, but he sure has been very durable, very tough and very competitive which has  contributed to his winning ways.

Bill Belichick is a genius he’s the top defensive guru, there’s no greater mind on that side of the ball to have ever walked an NFL sideline. He too has contributed to the winning wins of the New England Patriots. That dynamic duel will go down as the best quarterback/coach combination in the history of the game.

Of course I have my bias and I’m always going to think that Don Shula and Dan Marino are the best to ever play together unfortunately they don’t have the Super Bowl wins together to confirm it.

It’s been over 20 years that the New England Patriots have dominated the AFC East ever since Bill Belichick has taken over as head coach they’ve been a winning organization, joined at the hip. History has been made and it’s not going to be easy to duplicate their success ever again.

The end of the second decade in the 2000s began this year and even though in 2019 the New England Patriots once again won the AFC East and had an 11-4 record, there appears to be a chink in the armor.

The Patriots appear to be beatable we need to look no further than the last game of the season when our Miami Dolphins went into New England and did the impossible beat the Patriots in a game that they considered a playoff game.

In the Tennessee Titans bounce them out of the playoffs going up into a New England and beating them where the Patriots only scored 13 points. That’s almost unheard of.

A few years ago I challenged the AFC East to stop allowing the New England Patriots to walk all over them and get about 5-6 wins a year within the division they’ve basically been able to walk over this division for the past 20 years.

Finally the Buffalo Bills have created legitimate competition and the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets seem to be headed in the same direction.

The Buffalo Bills also made the playoffs but was quickly bounced out as well, they have looked very good this season and with a young quarterback looking more like a franchise quarterback the Bills seem to be on the rise.

They are a team to be reckon with even though they or sweat by the Patriots this year It appears that they have the potential to take over the vision very soon.

The Dolphins and the Jets both appear to be headed in the right direction so the AFC East will finally have a competitive division as the New England Patriots have fallen to the one thing that never will be beaten father time.

Thank you father time!

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