Miami Must Move On From Ryan Fitzpatrick


It truly was a season of magic to have Ryan Fitzpatrick quarterback the Miami Dolphins in 2019, he endeared us all, played better than expected and did not have that bad Fitzpatrick moment many people were concerned about.

My initial feelings were he needs to come back and start again because he did such a great job for this team and players such as DeVonte Parker and Mike Gesicki had their best seasons playing with Ryan Fitzpatrick.

So why have I decided that it’s better off to move on from Ryan Fitzpatrick?

The Dolphins are in rebuild mode and it’s time for them to take the rebuild serious and the only way for them to do that is to get a young signal caller in there at the quarterback position in 2020.

We have one on the roster already in Josh Rosen, adding a second one via free agency or the draft to compete with Josh Rosen is where the Dolphins management should focus their attention.

Having a veteran quarterback like Ryan Fitzpatrick hampering the development of a young quarterback in 2020 is not the way they should go. It’s unfair to expect a young 20+ year old player in his early stages of development in the NFL to have the savvy and experience of a veteran quarterback.

Just look at the rookie mistakes made by Josh Allen in the Buffalo playoff game but nonetheless he has the experience and will get better because of it at least that’s what they hope.

The Dolphins also need to established continuity on this team, as even for Josh Rosen he’s now going to have to work under another offensive coordinator, I think that’s four different offensive coordinators in his short NFL career.

That’s why I was somewhat frustrated with the departure of Chad O’Shea because once again we have to start all over with a new OC when in most people’s opinion Chad O’Shea did a very good job, especially considering what he had to work with.

Firing Chad O’Shea is the one decision I’m going to question Brian Flores on, especially if in the future it ends up backfiring. I would have loved for him to have retained Chad O’Shea as the offense coordinator just for continuity and because he had success despite what the numbers say.

Now if their departure was due to the lack of development of Josh Rosen or the complexity of the offensive to where a young quarterback would struggle trying to run, then I understand the need to replace the offensive coordinator. (there are some rumors to that effect)

Ultimately the Dolphins need to identify a young signal caller to take over the reins as the starting quarterback in 2020, even if they draft a quarterback this year I would hope that whoever it would be that quarterback will come in and compete with Josh Rosen for the starting job.

That should be the headlines in training camp next year the battle between the young quarterbacks, I don’t care if it’s even three young quarterbacks on the roster just  no old veteran quarterbacks should be in camp next year It’s defeating the purpose of rebuilding.

As much as I enjoyed Ryan Fitzpatrick it’s time to move on and hand over the reins of the 2020 starting quarterback positions to a young quarterback to develop and grow with this team over the next two to three years.

I would not be surprised if the Dolphins decide to move on from Ryan Fitzpatrick because that is the right call to make at this point in time.

Stay tuned…

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