It’s The Same Old Ryan Tannehill!


Don’t be fooled by the media hype because that’s what they do for a living, their job is to create controversy and try to apply it to our favorite team. Basically their parasites.

So what’s the latest antagonistic thing to do, give you the impression that the Dolphins gave up too early on Ryan Tannehill and now for some reason he’s better than what he was when he was with the Dolphins.

Don’t fall for the old banana in the tailpipe because Ryan Tannehill is the same person that we rightfully decided to move on from and here’s why.

Just like when I told many of you years ago that despite being hyped up by some local media personalities Matt Moore was fool’s Gold.

Ryan Tannehill is a step above Matt Moore and here’s what I mean, they’re going to win against the bad teams and they’ll get their fair share wins against the good teams, but ultimately Tannehill is going to fail when it comes to the better teams in the NFL.

That’s why I don’t expect a win for the Tennessee Titans against the New England Patriots this weekend.

No I’m not a hater, I’m just being real and the real truth is Ryan Tannehill is a good  quarterback but he’s not a franchise quarterback as long as he has the supporting cast around him he’ll do well enough to win, but the Titans success is more about Derrick Henry than Ryan Tannehill because you can put any good quarterback in Ryan Tannehill’s place and they’ll do just as well if not better.

That is where the Dolphins failed Ryan Tannehill, not surrounding him with competent talent to accentuate and hide his strength and weaknesses and that is why he’s having success with the Titans.

No need for seller’s remorse here, Miami did the right thing moving on from Ryan Tannehill, had he been on our roster this year I doubt he would have had more success than Ryan Fitzpatrick had, we most likely would be saying the same thing as last year It’s time to move on.

With all that being said I’m still rooting for Ryan to beat the Patriots because I would love to see Ryan Tannehill advance as far as he can in the playoffs and hopefully get a long-term contract with the Tennessee Titans.

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