Disturbing News Spoil The End Of The Year


cropped-miami-dolphins.jpgJust when I was boasting about how dysfunction has left the team we get disturbing news as well as shocking changes to end the season for the Miami Dolphins in 2019.

Miami’s highest paid player and arguably the most talented player on this team, Xavien Howard was arrested and charged with domestic violence.

According to ESPN:

Per the arrest report obtained by ESPN, an argument between Howard and his fiancée turned physical when Howard grabbed both her arms and pushed her against the mirrored glass wall in the hall of their bedroom, causing her to fall and land on his medical assistant walking crutch. An officer said he observed scratches and redness on her right wrist/forearm from Howard grabbing her and an abrasion and redness from the fall.

Howard, 26, was processed at the Davie Police Department, then transported to a local hospital when he complained of knee pain from a recent surgery. He was then transferred to Broward County Jail. He paid $3,000 bond on Monday.

Police said the altercation started over a recent purchase of a purse. Howard and his fiancée live together and share three children.

The Miami Dolphins are aware of his situation and had this to say:

“We are aware of the situation and currently gathering information, We will have no further comment at this time.”

Xavien Howard will receive some discipline from the league over this, most likely ending up in a suspension involving a few games.

Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores is a true disciplinarian and I’m pretty sure he’s very disappointed and most likely frustrated over this news about his young Pro Bowl cornerback.

Earlier in the year running back Mark Walton was released after his involvement in domestic violence but we can’t put these two on the same level because Mark Walton was given a last chance opportunity after suffering multiple arrests, the Dolphins gave him one last shot under the condition that he keep his nose clean.

Domestic violence is a serious issue and I fail to understand how these young men don’t seem to understand the importance of just walking away and removing themselves from any potential violent situation involving women.

As reported in an earlier article the Miami Dolphins also fired three coaches at the end of the season. The biggest shock of them all was first year offensive coordinator Chad O’Shea who most of us thought did a very good job this year as the Dolphins offensive coordinator.

There are multiple rumors as to why Chad O’Shea was fired, one rumor being that there was a disagreement in the way the quarterback situation was handled between Josh Rosen and Ryan Fitzpatrick

Another rumor circulating is that the Dolphins needed to fire Chad O’Shea In order to retain and promote assistant quarterback coach Jerry Schuplinski who is valued due to his ability to develop young quarterbacks as both  Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett credit their development to Jerry Schuplinski.

“Big takeaway here is that someone is hiring Josh McDaniels to be their HC and he was planning on plucking Schuplinski (Dolphins QB coach) who was headed to Indy with McDaniels. Miami did what they had to do to keep Schuplinksi. @MikeGarafolo

The feeling is because the Dolphins plan on drafting a quarterback in addition to having Josh Rosen on the roster it is important that they have someone who can develop young quarterbacks and they value Jerry Schuplinski’s ability to do that so in order to retain him they need to promote him.

A third rumor is that the Dolphins may have made room to bring back Jim Caldwell as their offensive coordinator, Jim earlier in the season Left the Dolphins organization due to what was called “health issues” with the vacancies available we need to wait and see who lands where in order to figure all this out.

After an exciting win to conclude the season against the New England Patriots and putting a dent in their playoff plans the Dolphins and their fans was excited about the future and a day later it’s all spoiled by a player’s misconduct and the shocking moves on the coaching staff.

I hope the worst is behind us because there’s a lot to be excited for in the very near future at least it appears to be.

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