Chan Gailey Leaves retirement For Miami


In another surprising and unexpected move the Miami Dolphins has hired a blast from the past, retired offensive guru Chan Gailey as the the new offensive coordinator for the team one day after firing Chad O’Shea.

I must admit I like this move for one important reason, experience. Chan Gailey is a very experienced offensive minded coach who’s been around the block for quite some time, in fact just the fact that he’s coming out of retirement let you know all that needs to be said about the soon to be 68 year old Gailey.

I did like what Chad O’Shea was able to accomplish with this offense in the second half of the season but he was inexperienced and apparently did not mesh well with Brian Flores.

It is always a preference of mine when you have a young head coach that he has someone with experience on his staff on the side of the ball that is his weakest area, Brian Flores is a defensive-minded coach and it just seems wise to have the offensive side of the ball managed by an experienced offensive minded coach.

That’s why I was so disappointed that Jim Caldwell did not remain on the team throughout the 2019 season because he brought to the team a lot of experience on the offensive side of the ball.

Chan Gailey brings that similar experience,  he’s been a head coach multiple times and has always for the majority of  his career been involved on the offensive side of the ball, mainly as an offensive coordinator.

Brian Flores also has some familiarity with Chan Gailey as Gailey recruited him coming out of college according to rumors and have coached against him quite a few times.

I also like the fact that it was a quick turnaround bringing in the new offensive coordinator.

Another important note to make is that Chan Gailey has also coached Ryan Fitzpatrick on two different occasions so Ryan Fitzpatrick is very familiar with Chan Gailey’s system.

It may be a sign that the Dolphins intend to bring back Ryan Fitzpatrick next year as well as continue to develop Josh Rosen and maybe have plans to not only draft Tua Tagovailoa but have in placed a system that he can easily pick up.

It’s been reported that the system that the Patriots use for their quarterback is very complicated and that may hamper the development of young quarterbacks.

For Josh Rosen who’s not had stability throughout his short NFL career this means he must learn another offensive system. Fortunately it’s a system that he should be able to pick up much easier, one  that he can pick up quickly and spend the off season learning.

I have no doubt that there’s going to be more competition than just Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen in 2020.

I do think it is the right move to go ahead and draft another quarterback this year especially considering we have three first-round picks.

I feel a whole lot better knowing that they settled in on an OC this quickly because it gives this team plenty of time to implement the system and have everything in place starting with the off season going into training camp.

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