Brian Flores Failed To Use His Mulligan!

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Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love Brian Flores, but he failed to take advantage of an opportunity that I think in hindsight he’s going to regret.

I will continue to repeat ( I know it’s a contradiction) Brian Flores attitude towards winning is the right way to go, his job is to win games and not worry about anything else, but what he failed to understand though is that this was the only year in his professional coaching career that he had a mulligan.

This is the only year that he had an opportunity to lose games without being held accountable, that gift will never be afforded him again throughout his career as a head coach.

That actually happened after he won the Jets game in Miami, that one win appeased any critic and just the way this team has played since maybe week six you could see the progress made throughout the season, so Brian Flores did not need to win another game to prove anything to anybody, this year only.

General manager Chris Grier set him up perfectly by dismantling the team of all the talent and all Brian Flores had to do for the future of the team, is seize the moment because Chris Grier gave him a free pass.

Last week’s win was such a counterproductive win for the future of the team, I know he doesn’t understand it because he’s a new head coach, but this was the only time in his NFL career as a coach that he will have a mulligan like he had, one that he refused to take.

There’s a huge difference in this upcoming draft between the top two picks and the rest of the draft class. And that meaningless win last week took them out of position to get a blue chip player or a young potential franchise quarterback on the rise.

The Dolphins are going to get some good players out of this draft but they basically gave up an opportunity to get what could potentially be one of the best defensive players coming out of college in years (Chase Young) just to get their fourth win this season with a very slim possibility of five?

I’m happy that we have the coach that we have, he has principals but he’s made a rookie mistake and failed to take advantage of the gift before him, especially in last week’s game when the Cincinnati Bengals somehow got the game to overtime, that was the perfect opportunity for Brian Flores to think long-term instead of short-term because once again he failed to seize the opportunity before him.

I don’t know what the future holds but the reality is that this coaching staff with better talent appears to be the type of staff that will be successful, maybe as a fan I’m just too caught up in my emotions. I see no  benefits by winning four games in a season that nobody cares how many wins the team gets, in fact just the opposite most of us fans wanted them team to lose.

I’m still excited about the potential of the offseason and what can be done, I’m just extremely disappointed that this team now find themselves picking fifth when they could be as of today in second place in the draft order. 

I’m pretty sure when the off-season comes and the draft approaches that Brian Flores might start to have some hindsight and maybe wish that he used his only mulligan because he will never have another one in his coaching career because accountability is on the horizon.

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