Dolphins Need To Become A Physical Team


The Miami Dolphins need to become a much more physical team, they need bigger, stronger and faster players to build a roster that can be competitive against the better teams in the NFL such as the Baltimore Ravens the New England Patriots and even the Buffalo Bills all teams that had the physical advantage over to our Dolphins this past season.

As admirable as some of the players are playing the reality is when they go up against these much more physical themes the Dolphins tend to get not only beat but blown out.

The reason being that the other teams have bigger stronger and in many cases faster players than what we have especially when you can talk about the lines the offensive and defensive line The Dolphins need to get bigger athletic players.

Hopefully this off season Miami will look to enhance both the offensive and defensive lines as their first priority forget about the quarterback even though I do think that it would be wise to go ahead and take a quarterback early in the drive and bring back both Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen and let them all compete in camp next year.

In fact if the Dolphins take Tua he might need to sit out the season next year and continue to get fully healthy and in the meantime Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen can go at it for the starting job next year.

It is my hope that the Dolphins focus on building the rest of the team into a contender and drafting players that fit the prototypical sizes that they want at the various positions Yes small players can play well too but there’s usually an exception and when someone meets that exception they are usually extremely good.

We don’t have any extremely good players on this team so it’s time to build this team towards the future and one of the things I would like to see is a much more physical team and that they draft bigger, stronger and faster players.

That is the only way they’re going to be able to compete against the top teams in the NFL

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