Frustrating Win!


What became one of the most frustrating games of the season started out as just another disappointing reality that the Dolphins obviously don’t care about their future and I know it’s not the concern of the coaching staff that the benefit of losing far outweighs winning games and unfortunately a game that could have cemented the second pick in an NFL draft once again was thwarted by a meaningless win.

Let’s recap on the Dolphins versus the Cincinnati Bengals as I watch every minute of the game I started out frustrated because the Dolphins seem like they were going to blow out the Bengals but a strange thing happened in a fourth quarter the Bengals rallied back to tie the game 35 – 35 and renewed my hope that the Dolphins would lose the game, teased me basically, then as the game went into overtime and my hopes were on a roller coaster as both teams seemed to sputter in the overtime so I began to think well maybe even a tie will be better than winning but unfortunately the Dolphins pulled out the win with a late field goal and I don’t see what is so joyous about winning four games in a meaningless season with so much more was at stake in this game.

The Dolphins had they lost would have been in second place in the NFL draft because fortunately for them the New York Giants who was ahead of them had just won in an overtime game ironically with the same score against the Washington Redskins of which all four teams are vying for for a position in the top four or five of the upcoming NFL draft.

Well with my hope that Cincinnati could pull this one out the dolphins unfortunately won the game and the prize they get is they get four games on the win column but they also drop to fifth place in the draft because the Detroit Lions whose are three 11 and one now moves ahead of the dolphins on the draft board as Miami drops down to 5th place.

Had they lost the game they would have been in second place with no realistic chance of getting first place but to be in second place is not bad obviously being in top 10 is going to always benefit the team but realistically I am not the only fan who was hoping that they would find a way to end up in second place in the upcoming draft.

So right now I’m just tired of this whole mess I don’t even care anymore It just seems like the teams future is going to be even more difficult then it needed to be and like I said before I can’t blame the coaching staff or the players for wanting to win I just wish somehow that they would have decided to tank rather than win these meaningless games and push their position in a draft further down the board. I’m upset, disappointed and frustrated with this whole season that to me seems to be nothing but a waste.

The Dolphins also may have put themselves out of contention for being one of the coaching staffs in the Senior Bowl but I don’t even want to worry about that right now I’m just too frustrated.

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