What Happened With Jim Caldwell?

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Before the season started I was excited that in February the Dolphins hired Jim Caldwell as Miami’s assistant head coach and quarterbacks coach.

I felt a man with his experience would be a great asset towards the development of the quarterback and also with his background would be very helpful in first year head coach Brian Flores’s corner.

I also thought that he would be such a huge asset for the development of Josh Rosen the young quarterback that the Dolphins gave up a second and a fifth round pick for who is currently our backup quarterback.

Just before the season started the headlines read: “Jim Caldwell takes leave of absence, will assume consultant role for Dolphins in 2019 ” suddenly there was a parting of ways due to what was called “at the time” health concerns for Jim Caldwell.

Somehow I felt in the back of my mind that this just didn’t seem right and something was wrong because the explanation was so vague and we never knew what his health issues were.

At the time of his departure Brian Flores mentioned that he would still be consulting with Jim Caldwell and that they wished him well and a speedy recovery.

From that point on he basically disappeared from the face of the earth and no one ever heard anything about him in either a consulting role or how his health issues were developing.

Recently a list of minority coaches that are available for head coaching jobs was submitted to NFL teams and to my surprise Jim Caldwell’s name is on that list, so obviously whatever health issues that he apparently had has been addressed but the question is if he’s healthy why isn’t he back in Miami and a part of this coaching staff?

I suspect what really happened was that there was a disagreement or falling out for whatever reason and that Jim Caldwell did not want to remain with the Dolphins and they did a nice little spin to quietly move on from each other.

The good news is even without Jim Caldwell Brian Flores has done an excellent job with this team considering what he’s been dealt.

It truly is unfortunate that Jim Caldwell and the Dolphins parted ways because I think he could have been a big help with this young coaching staff in their development.

Nonetheless after this year’s experience I think the whole coaching staff has grown and has developed a rapport with each other even though I have voiced my displeasure with the running backs coach, I like the staff they have and especially head coach Brian Flores who has done a wonderful job with a team of basically practice squad players most of whom will most likely not be on the roster in 2020.

I’m just curious as to what Jim Caldwell’s next job will be if he ends up being a head coach of one of the teams that will be firing their coaches come black Monday.

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