Miami Dolphins In The 2020 Senior Bowl?


A potential benefit from this terrible season is that the Miami Dolphins are in position to be one of the teams coaching in the upcoming 2020 Reese’s Senior Bowl in Mobile Alabama January 25th 2020. It’s basically a college all-star game full of senior players headed towards the draft in April.

Teams are selected based off of two criteria, first you must have one of the worst records in the NFL (check for Miami) and second they must have a coaching staff that will be together the following season. (another check for Miami).

Out of the teams that currently are having a losing season the Miami Dolphins might be the most secure team as far as the coaching staff is concerned.

 The Dolphins currently hold third place behind Cincinnati and the Giants who even though they beat Miami they’re still ahead of the Dolphins because the strength of schedule with both teams having a 3-11 record.

But there is uncertainty when it comes to the coaching staffs of both the Bengals and the Giants and even the teams just behind the Dolphins like the Redskins and the Lions who both have some concerns when it comes to the stability of their coaching staffs.

With the Dolphins having upward of 14 draft picks in the upcoming 2020 NFL draft this would be a huge benefit for them to be able to evaluate this young talented class of seniors before the NFL draft.

The Miami Dolphins will have the opportunity to have their coaching staff and their scouts evaluate up close and hands on some of the top senior players coming into the 2020 NFL draft.

Folks it can’t get no better than that for this team so bereft of talent as they put their draft board together they will know first hand some of the top seniors coming out of college what they’re dealing with.

One person in particular that will be available in the Senior Bowl is quarterback Jordan Love who I have under the radar as a potential pick for the Miami Dolphins should they choose to pass up on Tua or if he decides to go back to college for another year.

Or better yet maybe the Dolphins will just pass up on drafting the quarterback this year and do what I hope happens, allow Josh Rosen more time to earn the starting quarterback position in Miami.

Can you imagine the Dolphins offensive line coach having an opportunity to coach the top senior offensive lineman a position of great need or how about some of the best pass rushers that will be available?

There’s no position that should be looked over by the Dolphins when you consider the roster that they had to deal with this year.

With 2 weeks left in the season anything can change but Miami is in a great position to be one of the teams selected to coach in the 2020 Reese’s Senior Bowl. if they do not blow it by winning.

The good news is that Miami is playing the Bengals and Washington and the Giants are planning each other this Sunday so the Dolphins even if they win can potentially still be in third place.

With the Patriots coming up as our last game of the season and a game that most likely will be very important to New England I can see the Dolphins either going 1-1 or better yet 0-2.

The ideal Sunday would be a Giants win and a Dolphins loss tomorrow.

I sure hope we don’t blow this great opportunity and even better I hope we move up in the draft and get a top two pick.

Here is a list of the players already committed to play in the 2020 Senior bowl.

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