Why Rush Josh Rosen?


It just seems like an obsession, no matter what the coach tells the media they want to create some drama and controversy over the status of quarterback Josh Rosen.

It almost defies all logic that folks tend to want to question the coaching staff after seeing them do a great job of player development working with nothing this 2019 season.

With a makeshift offensive line that’s been in flux all season long that has given up way too many sacks and does not have the talent to protect Josh Rosen, the Dolphins have wisely used Ryan Fitzpatrick the more experienced veteran QB as the starter because he gives them the best chance of winning because of his experience something that Josh Rosen is still developing.

Rosen gets a chance to learn behind a very smart experience underrated veteran quarterback in Ryan Fitzpatrick.

I’ve been consistant in saying that Josh Rosen is just 22 years old, so why in the world are people in a hurry to see him play especially on this terrible 2019 team?

Now that the Dolphins have decided to allow him more time to develop some people want to question that decision.

I on the other hand think it was a great decision in fact I don’t think he should have played at all this season.

I’ve been consistent with my belief that Josh Rosen should sit out the entire year, there’s no need to rush him he’s not being paid a lot of money and we have him under contract for at least three years or more.

Why do some want to see him put in a position where he would do nothing but fail behind this weak offensive line and talent deficient team?

It’s beyond belief and as usual many want to start controversy because the coaching staff decides it’s not in the best interest of the team to have Josh Rosen starting It’s not in the best interest of the team but it’s in Josh rosen’s best interest too  because he would surely fail with the talent lacking team that we have.

Josh Rose can go into the off-season better understanding his circumstances reflecting on the year and come ready for training camp and be ready to compete against whoever they decide to bring in whether they draft a quarterback or not this year.

I personally feel they should just keep the quarterback position the way it is bring back Ryan Fitzpatrick next year and allow those two to compete again for the starting job and then in 2021 if they still need to draft a quarterback do so.

Josh Rosen recently commented in on his status:

“I’m very encouraged just in general, day-to-day, with how I’ve developed, getting to watch how Fitz does his thing,” Rosen said. “I’m still only 22 years old. It’s not really like the windows opens and closes like that, but there is a sense of sort of understanding timing and opportunity. I’m aware of it, but like I said, it’s all for you guys (the media) more to write about than it is for me to worry about. Opportunities will come and I’ll try to seize them when they do.”

What more needs to be said I especially like to comment when he said to the media

“it’s all for you guys (the media) more to write about than it is for me to worry about.”

I’m looking forward to Josh Rosen’s off-season development coming into training camp and giving a fair shot with much more talent on a team to compete for the starting job I’m even more encouraged by his attitude that he’s displayed since he’s been here and even under the stress of dealing with the Cardinals and how they treated him Josh Rosen has won me over and I truly hope that he becomes our future franchise quarterback.

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