Miami Dolphins 2020 Rebuild Plan


The Miami Dolphins have needs all across the board, I put the needs in order from greatest to the least.


I am sure many of you may question my decision to have quarterback near the end of the list but I believe team building is of utmost importance and that the Dolphins still have a young quarterback on the roster that deserves a legitimate chance at the starting job once the Dolphins upgrade the roster.

In the off-season through free agency and the draft the Dolphins will be able to add talent to this roster and hopefully shore up both the offensive and defensive lines and bring in young running backs through both the draft and free agency to turn things around starting in 2020

Free Agency Plan

Free agency should be the time that the Dolphins start to add young veteran players who are entering into their second contract they should not be no older than 25-26 years of age and have an upside that makes it worth signing them.

What the Dolphins need to stay away from is overpaying for one person but find the players who are reasonably priced that can add depth to the team and provide competition across the board.

What I’d like to see happen is for them to concentrate on both sides of the line offensive and defensive line maybe add a young veteran running back to the roster. I still wouldn’t mind potentially looking at some of the available quarterbacks out there or even make a pitch to trade for Cam Newton, it won’t hurt to see if the Panthers are willing to part ways with him.

I also would have no problem with the Dolphins just bringing back Ryan Fitzpatrick as well as Josh Rosen and have them once again compete for the starting job next season. The Dolphins don’t really need to draft a quarterback in 2020.

They can set their eyes towards the 2021 draft especially if Josh Rosen fails to take over the starting job sometime next year.

Remember free agency has two phases the first phase is before the draft and the second phase is after the draft when teams begin to let go some veteran players whose been replaced by a draft pick.

The Dolphins would be wise to wait until after the draft to add some of the veteran players that might be available especially ones that might be willing to accept a one-year contract.

Having veteran players on this roster next year can prove to be invaluable to the young players we’ll be adding to the team.

The 2020 Draft

GM Chris Grier has a philosophy of taking the best player available regardless of position, when their on the clock and as I have noted before I was opposed to that philosophy in previous years because we were not trying to rebuild.

In this year of the rebuild that’s the perfect philosophy to have because the Dolphins have so many needs but the most important need is to get more talented players on this roster.

Today the Dolphins lost to the New York Giants and that loss more than anything else proved how you cannot win without talent.

The Giants were the more talented team even though their record might not reflect it and as pleased as I have been with Coach Brian Flores and what he’s been able to accomplish with this putrid roster that he’s been dealt,

It brings encouragement to know that the coaching staff that we have in place seems competent enough to understand how to utilize the talent that they have.

I do have one concern about the running back coach but other than that I feel that the Dolphins are set on the coaching side because I’ve been won over by Brian Flores.

I look forward to the upcoming free agency and draft and despite some having concerns about current GM Chris Grier I have full trust in him because since he’s been in full control the moves that he’s made through contracts and acquiring all the resources, cleaning up this teams cap, as well as the hiring of Brian Flores proves his competency despite the doubters.

Fins Up!

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