Calling Out RB Coach Eric Studesville


The Miami Dolphins mismanaged Kenyan Drake and their running game has been a disaster and yes some of the blame can go on the offensive line but I personally feel that Eric Studesville has done a poor job and should be replaced at seasons end.

I’ve been please with just about everybody on the coaching staff except the running back coach / coordinator I’m not sure what the problem was between him and Kenyan  Drake but I identify Eric Studesville as the problem because he’s a carryover from Adam Gase’s regime and Kenyan Drake was never properly used under Adam Gates as well. I’m sure that the coaches are trusting in his judgment, I don’t trust his judgment.

My eyes didn’t lie to me, I knew Kenyan Drake was a good running back, in fact I knew he was the best running back on the team, even when we had Jay Ajayi I felt Kenyan Drake was the best running back on the team.

I expected Kenyan Drake to be given the starting role as soon as they traded away Jay Ajayi but it never happened, now today Kenyan Drake ran 22 times for 137 yards and scored four touchdowns for the Arizona Cardinals.

While by seasons end the Dolphins will have the most embarrassing running game in the history of the NFL with 37 year old QB Ryan Fitzpatrick as our leading rusher this season.

So I’m just a little frustrated because Drake is doing for the Cardinals what I expected him to be doing for our Dolphins.

I hope at seasons end when Brian Flores examines his staff that he realizes that the running back coach/coordinator did not do a good job.

Hopefully as we move forward it will be without Eric Studesville!

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