The Dolphins Should Punt On Drafting A Quarterback In 2020


This 2020 NFL draft started out as a great opportunity to get a potential franchise quarterback but due to injuries, poor performances and just bad luck it’s starting to look like the quarterback prospects for 2020 are not that ideal and with the Dolphins having so many needs on their roster it would be wise on their part to focus on team building rather than reaching for a quarterback with so many uncertainties.

Even if you look at the top ranked quarterback coming out of college this year Joe Burrow you have to be concerned with his overall history. Yes he’s having an Heisman trophy deserving season but just as recently as last year he was full of question marks and taking into account that his team is loaded, I would not be so quick to say he’s a guaranteed franchise quarterback on the next level.

With the theme “Tank For Tua” many speculated that the Miami Dolphins had targeted the Alabama quarterback as their number one choice in the upcoming 2020 draft. Unfortunately due to a very serious injury and question marks about his injury riddled history what seemed like a surefire pick is full of legitimate questions.

Tua’s current injury will take him out of commission for at least 6 months (if not more) do you risk drafting him now knowing he might be out of commission for a year or two? Or even worse he may never be the same again It could be a career debilitating injury.

I still contend the best option for Tua would be to go back to Alabama and play another year, hopefully without injuries that has plagued him so far in his career.

With so much uncertainty at the quarterback position, why not punt on that position until the 2021 draft that will have quarterback prospects that may be more appealing, especially if Tua decides to go back to Alabama which I say is a 50/50 proposition.

I am of the mindset that the Dolphins should focus on the strength of our defensive minded head coach in the 2020 draft and use free agency as a means to solidify the offensive line and maybe bring in a top pass rusher as well as a veteran running back.

The 2020 draft should be all about the defense and building one that Brian Flores can put his signature on and turn into one of, if not the top defensive units in the NFL much like he had in New England his last year coaching there.

Yes all the bells and whistles of a good looking offense is nice but make no mistake about the saying that defense wins championships, it’s more than some cliche it’s 100% correct.  A top defense tend to have the greater success  against top offenses when matched up.

This upcoming draft is loaded with young talented defensive studs, pass rushers, cornerbacks, safeties and defensive tackles that are available for the taking and will contribute towards building a contender.

In addition to working on the defense the Dolphins also need to focus on drafting one or more of the top running backs coming out in college to compliment the strong defense.

Another benefit of punting on the quarterback position until 2021 is it gives the Dolphins another year to truly evaluate Josh Rosen as they build the team around him and give him a true opportunity to prove his worthiness after basically red shirting the 2020 season.

Josh has spent this whole year learning the offense sitting behind Ryan Fitzpatrick and I would love to see what we have in him before we go reaching for another young quarterback.

Build a good team around him, give him good protection and a good running back and who’s to say that Josh Rosen is not the franchise quarterback of the future?

We spent seven years waiting for Ryan Tannehill to turn into something that he never did and after sending him away many feel that he’s now playing his best ball after leaving the Dolphins. Is it a possibility that Ryan Tannehill is on a team that compliments him very well is the reason for his success?

Build a solid offensive line add to that a solid running game while at the same time producing a top defensive unit plug-in Josh Rosen and I tell you we have a contender.

That’s my plan and hope for our Dolphins that they wisely use the resources they have to build the team, a solid unit that any quarterback can step in and have success playing in, then in 2021 if Josh Rosen hasn’t stepped up  and taken the reins, the Dolphins will be in  a position to add a young quarterback that they feel can be the future franchise player we all seek.

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