Be Happy For Ryan Tannehill!

Instead of  having sellers remorse why not be happy for Ryan Tannehill. Much like the debate on the Lamar Jackson situation it’s the same for Ryan Tannehill.

If Ryan Tannehill were on this current Dolphins team today would he be having the same success that he’s having in Tennessee?


Keep in mind that Ryan had been with us for 7 years and in those 7 years the best season he had was in 2016 season where he won seven out of eight games and was playing very well until the Cardinals Calais Campbell hit him low causing a knee injury that put him out for the rest of the season and Matt Moore finish out the season.

The Dolphins made it to the playoffs and much of the reason is the play of Ryan Tannehill prior to his injury winning seven out of eight games as the starter.

The reality is Ryan Tannehill’s career stats with Miami are basically the same as Miami’s win stats mediocre and it was time for a change.

No buyers remorse is needed because it was in both parties best interest to move on and I was a huge Tannehill fan supporter for 6 years up until the last season before he was traded where I realized that Ryan Tannehill is never going to be more than an average quarterback especially if you don’t have the supporting cast around him.

To the Tennessee Titans credit they have a decent offensive line, one of the best power running backs in the game and they have managed Ryan Tannehill very well as he has done an excellent job this year for them.

Unfortunately disgruntled fans will always find reasons to complain about the Miami Dolphins despite the fact that the Dolphins held on to Ryan Tannehill for seven seasons with very little success there’s always going to be the question did the Dolphins make a mistake and give up on Tannehill too soon?

The answer is no, because the Miami Dolphins had a different plan as we all have seen this year, their intent was a total rebuild and that means startint new and everybody was purged including Ryan Tannehill.

Even though I was disappointed/angry with Ryan Tannehill and I did finally give up on him his last season here, I am still very happy for him now that he’s having the success that he’s had because Ryan Tannehill is truly a good person and has a good heart so I wish him only the best and I hope he has the success that has failed him here in Miami there in Tennessee.

Let the Titans overpay for a services next year!

I have moved on from Ryan Tannehill and I’m currently supporting Josh Rosen with the hope that the Dolphins don’t make another mistake and give up on this young kid too early but they do exactly what the Tennessee Titans have done with Ryan Tannehill provide him with good players and the support he needs to succeed.

Hopefully with a rebuilt team next year Josh Rosen can step in and prove his worthiness to the Miami Dolphins as our future franchise quarterback.

So to those of you who are still thinking that Ryan Tannehill should still be here I say he’s in the rear view mirror now let’s look forward to the future and this rebuild starting this offseason.

It don’t hurt to wish Ryan Tannehill all the success in the world because he played his butt off for our Dolphins throughout his career here and deserves our support.

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