Was The 2019 Season Worth It?


The narrative was set just before the season started the Dolphins are tanking, the Dolphins are tanking, the Dolphins are tanking!

In a series of off-season moves to purge the roster of overpaid players, aging veterans, and a quarterback who seemed to run out of time.

In addition the Dolphins also traded some young talent that many of us thought was part of the foundation for the future, but the offer they received for Laremy Tunsil (two first round picks) was to good to pass up and to throw in a menacing Kenny Stills who recently criticized the owner was a bonus.

Add to that a disgruntled rookie defensive back who wanted out and the Dolphins obliged him by acquireing another first round pick and it sure seemed like the Dolphins were at a great disadvantage when it comes to winning games.

They were stripped of all the talent minus  one gritty veteran quarterback on a mission.

The season started out in historically embarrassing fashion as a Dolphins were blown out the first four games of the season losing on average around 30 points a game.

It seem like this team was headed for the number one pick in the 2020 draft and that the claims of them tanking had some validity.

I never really bought into the tanking idea and quite frankly I took offense to it! I hated the idea that the team was going to try to deliberately lose and the team obviously denied that was the case but their actions seem to point in that direction.

Needless to say the thought of having the first pick in the 2020 NFL draft was and still is very appealing because for team and for rebuild mode, having the first choice throughout the entire 7 round draft is appealing to me especially when you consider we have 14 picks.

This season has been one of the most frustrating seasons as a Dolphins fan because as much as I love the team, I wanted them to lose, I wanted them to keep a high draft pick, but at the same time I wanted them to show progress and compete and stop getting embarrassed by continuing to be blown out on a weekly basis.

I did not want to go 0-16 and I was content with a one win season or at best two and for some reason both those wins could be against the Jets, I’m still not sure why I hate the Jets even more than the Patriots or the Bills whom I also hate. 

I’m once again in a very confused state because on the one hand I’m happy that we have found what appears to be a good coach for a change, something we’ve been lacking for years, on the other hand I’m frustrated because this team is winning games that I find meaningless and counterproductive and does more damage towards the future.

I will once again reiterate that I can’t blame the coaching staff or the players for doing their jobs, their job is to win games and they have been delivering winning three out of the last five games.

These wins are short-term achievements that is ruining a wonderful opportunity to add the best talent coming out of college in 2020.

Yes I know there’s no guarantee that these players who are ranked high coming out of college are going to make it on the next level but the reality is with the Dolphins having so little talent by design it’s a shame that this team keeps dropping down the draft order and it’s a great possibility that Miami could end up drafting as low as the 10th or 11th spot in the 2020 NFL draft.

So if the Dolphins drop out of the top five or even worse top 10 was all it? Was it worth give up Laremy Tunsil and Minkah Fitzpatrick only to miss out on Chase Young or Joe Burrow?

Both players are players I would rather have than not have, I’d rather they be on our roster with this coaching staff that we have because I think they can get the best out of them and they are sorely needed talent on this team!

So was it worth it? The best answer I can come up with is “only time  but will tell” for now, where I’m sitting and from where I wish the Dolphins were, I don’t think it was worth it because we gave up so much and now we don’t seem to be getting a chance to get equal or better in the upcoming NFL draft.

It seems to be just another missed opportunity by a team that have missed far too many in the past 20 plus years.

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