The Dolphins Should Go After Cam Newton!


On the NFL Network today Ian Rapoport reported that the Carolina Panthers will most likely be looking to trade Cam Newton this off-season. Should the Dolphins consider going after Cam Newton?

Cam Newton is a 30 year old quarterback and he should be the centerpiece of all the quarterbacks this offseason including college quarterbacks!

A healthy Cam Newton under the right management could turn out to be a top shelf quarterback for the next 5 years. How many times in the past have the Dolphins passed up on the right quarterback?

Why should the Dolphins pursue Cam Newton?

What do we have to lose? It’s not like we’re set at the quarterback position and even picking up Cam Newton now does not mean that we can’t draft a young quarterback and allow him two to three years to sit and develop.

As much as I’ve enjoyed Ryan Fitzpatrick this year, I personally would do everything I could (if I were the GM) to explore bringing Cam Newton to Miami.

What will it cost to get Cam Newton? Well we know it’s going to cost at least a first round pick and potentially more, maybe offering up Josh Rosen and a first rounder this year or next year (we have multiple picks both years) can do the trick.

There’s no team in the NFL that has more resources than the Miami Dolphins to pull off this trade and if they want him they can get him. I’d rather have a proven player than sit here and continue trusting potluck to land a franchise quarterback.

Miami could rebuild this roster around Cam Newton and provide him with the weapons such as a quality offensive line, some young running backs coming out of the draft and the Dolphins could become an immediate contender.

In the meantime they can draft a young quarterback like Jordan love of Utah State to sit and be groomed behind Cam Newton.

To me this is the best way to get a franchise quarterback on our roster and surround him with the tools he’ll need to be successful.

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