QB Is Not The Biggest Need For The Dolphins In The Draft


I still don’t get the obsession many have with the Dolphins drafting a quarterback in 2020 when it is apparent that QB is not the biggest need this team has.

The Miami Dolphins need help across the board. They are the least talented team in the league and they have the resources to correct it.

When you look at the roster there’s glaring needs all over the place except one, the quarterback position, in fact I contend that they’re set through next year at the quarterback position and should target 2021 as the year they draft a quarterback if needed.

The Dolphins have an estimated 14 draft picks in the upcoming 2020 NFL draft and with so many needs on this roster they need every single pick, no trading up, if anything  trading down to acquire even more picks would be in the best interest of this team’s rebuild.

Looking at the roster you can tell that the running back position is probably the weakest position on the team and as we all know you can never have enough defensive backs and what about defensive end and the Dolphins could also use more help on the defensive rotation at the tackle position. They also need to find the next young Rashad Jones in the 2020 draft.

Another area of great need is the offensive line which they should address in free agency and the draft.

The Dolphins signed Ryan Fitzpatrick to a 2-year deal they also spent a second round pick on the young 22 year old player that currently Is the understudy and backup to Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Miami would be wise to allow both of them to come back next year and if they choose to draft a mid-round quarterback in 2020 just to push Jake Rudock who is currently on the practice squad.

The Dolphins could not get a fair evaluation of Josh Rosen with this current roster that they have but provide him with a good offensive line and having allowed him time this season to learn the offense I think it would behoove the Dolphins to allow one more season of evaluation as well as competition for Josh Rosen to take the role of starting quarterback for the Dolphins in the near future.

But with so many holes in this roster It would be foolish for the Dolphins to try to trade up and give up the resources that they’ve acquired when they need to just stay Pat take the best player available on their board throughout this year’s draft.

With just a few weeks remaining  in the 2019 season the Miami Dolphins know what they have in Josh Rosen, they also know that Ryan Fitzpatrick has been the life of this season and he ended up being one of the best free agent pickups this past off-season.

His success with the team warrants them bringing him back to complete his contract while at the same time sending Josh Rosen into the off season letting him know that he needs to come to camp and compete hard for the starting job.

With that approach the Dolphins can continue to add young talent through the draft to this roster so lacking in talent.

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