TDS: 2020 7 Round Miami Dolphins Mock Draft (First Take)


It’s time for the Miami Dolphins to get back to being a physical team that can stand up against the Buffalo Bills and the Baltimore Ravens of the NFL these are the teams that seem to smack Miami in the mouth and get away with it.

The Dolphins have not been competitive against the Ravens physical style of play and in our division the team that seems to represent that style is truly the overrated Buffalo Bills.

It’s back to old school football as you see in my draft below I focus heavily on areas that will turn this team into the type of team that can compete against the physical teams in the NFL.

As I’ve been preaching for a while now the dolphins have a defensive minded head coach and if they want to give this man what he needs to succeed they should focus heavily on the defensive side of the football.

I did not draft a quarterback this year for two reasons, first I still think we need to give Josh Rosen enough time to see what we have and second I feel that Tua Tagovailoa should wisely opt to go back to Alabama and prove he can successfully complete a season without injury.

So with Tua Tagovailoa off the board the Dolphins should focus on adding the best young talent they can to this team. So as the Miami Dolphins fantasy GM I have assembled a group of young players who represent the future of the Miami Dolphins as we transition to a more physical team.

I focused on the offensive line the defensive line, running backs, added a top corner back and safety to round out the 2020 Miami Dolphins NFL draft.

  • # 4 Jeffrey Okudah – CB, Ohio State
  • # 22  JonathanTaylor– RB, Wisconsin
  • # 23 Yetur Gross-Matos Edge, Penn St
  • # 36 Raekwon Davis – DL, Alabama
  • # 61 Terrell Lewis Edge, Alabama
  • # 68 Marvin Wilson – DL, Florida State
  • # 149 Walker Little – OT, Stanford
  • # 151 Shyheim Carter – S, Alabama
  • # 163 Trey Sermon– RB, Oklahoma
  • # 180 Michael Onwenu, OL, Michigan
  •  # 191 JD Spielman – WR, Nebraska
  • # 216 Jason Strowbridge, DL UNC

Things will most likely change because the Dolphins still might either end up moving up or down the draft order based on the last four games of the season, but if they stay at the fourth slot in the draft order then this is what I feel the Dolphins need to do.

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