Can You Put A Coach On I/R?


I’ve seen enough, I’ve bought in, I get it, he’s good! Yes I want him back next year but I want to shut him down this year so my question is can we put Brian Flores on I/R?

I petition you Chris Grier to shut this guy down, he’s killing me, he’s killing our opportunity for the future by doing the very thing that we hired him to do, winning.

At last, we have a head coach that seems to be competent and so far has proven so in dealing with the roster and the hand that he’s been dealt.

I applaud you Chris Grier,  you’ve done everything you could to make sure this guy at least for season one would fail with the intent of acquiring a high draft pick in the 2020  NFL draft. It’s just not working.

At first it looked like it was working, coming out of the gate this team looked historically awful, they were being beaten by 30 points or more a game. The talking heads throughout the NFL world blasted the Dolphins for deliberately ( as they thought) tanking, a  false narrative started by a local media drama queen who’s always seeking national attention.

And sure enough the national puppets echoed his narrative that brought unfair and undue criticism towards this team.

The Dolphins seemed to be headed straight towards picking first in the 2020 NFL draft no team had less talent than the Miami Dolphins, add to that a first year head coach, first year offense coordinator, and first year defense coordinator and boy the tank looked like it was truly on.

Of course like many I did not want the Dolphins to go 0-16 so the perfect opportunity for a win came when the New York Jets visited the Miami Dolphins. I don’t care what the situation is I want the Dolphins to beat the New York Jets and sure enough the Jets awarded the Dolphins and coach Brian Flores their first win of the 2019 season after starting off 0 – 7.

I was a content, that was the only win we needed so now this team can just roll over, play dead and work their way up the draft board to the first pick in the 2020 NFL draft.

I was nervous because this Dolphins team that started off historically bad, started to look a little different, even before they beat the Jets they started to play a lot more competitively, They we’re no longer losing by 30 points, there started to be a little fight in this team, a little too scrappy, how can this be with a team with so little talent and with the little talent they had the GM wisely traded them away or sent them to IR strategically looking towards the future.

Despite being stripped of all his talent and having to man this roster with undrafted free agents, players being cut from other teams and players that most likely would not make any other NFL team, Brian Flores and his staff continues to have this team prepared and ready and have been producing exciting plays a little trickeration and a no-quit mentality that’s infectious.

As much as I want this team to lose when I watch the games I can’t help but root for them, It’s insanity I tell you, it’s crazy, I’m losing my mind!

So in my desperate state I’ve come up with the perfect solution, Chris Grier needs to place Brian Flores on IR for the remainder of the season.

Maybe our billionaire owner Stephen Ross can send Flores and his family on an all expenses paid vacation to wherever they want to go, for the remainder of the season let him kick up his heels relax and enjoy himself with a note saying job well done! (just a little too well done for my taste)

Someone forgot to send the memo to Brian that we want him to tank, we want this team to lose, I want to see an exciting game, I want to see it go down to the wire, but I still want to see them lose. Unfortunately he’s failing on that task!

No matter how they lose (if by one point) make it happen but please stop winning these meaningless games that’s plunging this team down the draft board. The only way that can happen is if we shut Brian Flores down.

Yes, I know it’s not going to happen and this article is more driven towards sarcasm than reality, I know I should be just as happy that we found a good coach and God knows I am! I also wish that somehow we could tie Brian Flores up and hold him down until seasons end and maybe we can ask the Jets to give back Adam Gase for the remainder of the season, somehow I have a feeling they’re suffering from buyers remorse.

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