Time To Embrace The Tank!


Early in the season when the Dolphins were accused of tanking I took exception to everything that was being said because I did not believe it. In addition I did not want my team to  tank, boy how things change!

It’s time to embrace the tank fully and it’s time for this Dolphins team to work on their draft position ( currently 4th) and hopefully end up with a top three pick the higher the better.

With a top three pick the Dolphins are guaranteed to get one of the premier players coming out of the draft, that’s not to say that if they get the fourth slot that they still won’t get a very good player, just not one of the higher rated players, in fact in order to get a premier player they need to get the top two pick because out of all the draft prospecs only one is worthy of the number one pick and that is Chase Young.

I’m still not sold on the Dolphins needing to have a quarterback in this year’s draft, especially when they still have a developing Josh Rosen on the roster, I personally feel he should get another full year of evaluation before they decide whether or not to add another young quarterback to this roster.

The Dolphins have a lot of holes to fill so getting the highest pick they can  will assure they can have one of the top talents coming out in the draft.

So even though I was opposed to the idea of tanking early on, now with just five games left in the season and with a 2-9 record and nothing to play for, it’s time for this team to take it on the chin, lose out and get the top pick in the 2020 NFL draft.

Get your tank on Miami!

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