The Dolphins won’t Roll Over!


Despite the wishes of quite a few fans including yours truly, the Dolphins are continuing to win meaningless games.

Well at least meanless from my perspective but I’m pretty sure it’s not meaningless to the players and that coaching staff.

The Miami Dolphins with the least talent of any team in the NFL, continue to play with heart and passion everything we expect a team to do for their coach and there’s no doubt in anybody’s mind that Brian Flores is doing an excellent job with this team when you consider the roster.

And once again the perfect compliment to Brian Flores has been Ryan Fitzpatrick and his amazing play add to that the surprising play of De’Vante Parker and it adds up to the highest scoring game of the season for the Dolphins in an upset win over the playoff contending Philadelphia Eagles.

Once again as frustrated as I am, I’m also just as proud with what’s going on with this team and extremely happy with the coaching and the players who refuse to give up, roll over or play dead even at the behest of the majority of the fans.

As I said in past articles I can’t be upset that this coaching staff and these players are playing the win, that’s their job!

I also feel somewhat embarrassed to even be wishing against my team but I cannot underscore how important the future is compared to the present, at the end of the year this team’s record will reflect one of the worst records in team history and now after missing out on a chance to maybe move into second or third place in the NFL draft they’ve become convoluted in a mixture of teams that might potentially put them out of the top five.

But you can’t blame the Dolphins for this win, blame the Philadelphia Eagles for bringing their weak game down to Miami and probably overlooking this team, a mistake quite a few have done. In fact if you look at the season the Dolphins could have potentially won three more games and continue to put a scare in teams.

This win is more bittersweet to me than anything because as much as I love this team, I still feel it’s in their best interest to lose rather than win the rest of this season.

But you must tip your hat to the staff as well as the players for the creativity the fighting spirit and the will to win and that was proven once again in this latest win against the Philadelphia Eagles.

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