More Benefits From The 2019 Season


Another benefit from this lost season is that the Dolphins get to evaluate a bunch of young players and determine who they want to move forward with in the future.

Most of the players on this roster will probably not be here in the next two to three years and in many cases they won’t even make the team next year but for others this year has proven to be a chance for them to show the Dolphins that they bring value to this team moving forward.

Every team needs to assemble the best depth they can get from the starters to the third string players you want to have quality that’s been an issue with the Dolphins over the years they’ve never had quality depth over the years and as soon as a starter gets injured that next man up never proved to be adequate enough to help the team remain competitive.

This season the Dolphins gets to sift through a bunch of young players, some they’ve taken a chance on to give them a second chance with the hope that in a new environment things will change, they wisely have scoured the waiver  wire and picked up former high draft picks that have disappointed so far in their careers.

There’s been mixed results from this approach as players like Taco Charlton and others have been a pleasant surprise and have added value to this roster and is worthy of being considered good depth moving forward.

This season has been more like a extension of the training camp as the Dolphins prepare themselves for the future.

Hopefully many of these young players will step up to the plate and prove their value towards this roster moving forward because the Dolphins are on the move and will soon infuse this team with very young very talented players as they turn this roster over and build it into a contender.

Stay tuned!

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