Miami Dolphins 2020 7 Round Mock Draft: “If The Draft Were Today”


If the draft were held today the Dolphins would have 11 picks but I anticipate them having at least 14 pics because I expect three compensatory pics to take effect before the draft actually happens but for now I’ll stick with 11 that we have because that’s a known.

I picked the players based off of my idea of what general manager Chris Grier would do with the pics and he definitely will stick to his strategy of picking the best player available regardless of position because he needs to add an abundance of talent on this team as this will be the first draft of the rebuild era.

Once again keep in mind this is “if the draft were held today” I’m hoping that the Miami Dolphins will somehow climb their way back up to a top two, if not top pick in the 2020 NFL draft because as you see we’ve missed out on one of the top three premier players in this year’s draft.

  • 4 Andrew Thomas, OL, Georgia
  • 22 Xavier McKinney, S, Alabama
  • 25 Julian Okwara, EDGE, Notre Dame
  • 35 Josh Jones, OT, Houston
  • 62 Jake Hansen, C, Oregon
  • 66 Tyler Johnson, WR, Minnesota
  • 150 Glenn Logan, DT, LSU
  • 162 Ke’Shawn Vaughan, RB, Vanderbilt
  • 181 David Reese, ILB, Florida
  • 196 TJ Carter, CB, Memphis
  • 215 AJ Dillon, RB, Boston College

I’m sure you may have noticed that I did not draft a quarterback this year for the Dolphins and the reason is I truly believe that Josh Rosen will end up being the quarterback that they hitch their wagon to next year after 1 year with the team. They did not waste a second round pick and all this time developing him to give him away to somebody else, I think they intend to keep him and I think they’re pretty pleased with the way he’s developing.

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