Josh Rosen Is Winning Over The Dolphins!

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It seems to be the inevitable question everyone’s asking and there are many assumptions out there as well, Is Josh Rosen the answer or will the Dolphins draft a quarterback in 2020?

The Miami Dolphins are handling Josh Rosen perfectly, despite the mistake of putting him in way to early, and having to remove him because he was not ready, coach Brian Flores and his staff has handled this kid as about as perfectly as you can.

Behind the scenes doing practice and running scout teams,  Josh Rosen is developing, learning this offense and as soon as they give him another chance to start, hopefully they will send him home during the off season with the strict request that he come ready to compete for the starting job next year, to me that is the best case scenario for both Josh Rosen and the Dolphins.

I still don’t get why so many are wanting to force this kid to start before he’s ready what’s the reason, especially this year? He’s 22 years old, he’s learning a more complicated offense and he’s just need time to develop and that’s exactly what the Dolphins are doing with his kid.

Between the reporters and bloggers everyone is negatively looking at the situation that Josh Rosen is in and wondering why the Dolphins are not playing him and assuming that somehow they are disappointed in him and  that they intend to trade him and draft another quarterback this upcoming draft.

As your “Dolphin Seer” I have a different take on what’s going on, It’s more on the positive side of things, you know that glass half full mentality that I continue to have.

Let’s say that the Dolphins are protecting Josh Rosen from this terrible offensive line that they have to make sure he avoids being injured due to his limited experience on the professional level and that is why they are allowing the veteran more experienced Ryan Fitzpatrick to continue to play while Josh Rosen continues to pay attention, learn, develop and apply the things that he’s learning.

The Dolphins despite all the noise around them have quietly allowed Josh Rosen to develop and I think it’s going to pay off big time as everyone will be shocked to see that Miami has no intent on drafting a quarterback next year but they intend to have Josh Rosen either compete or be outright named the starter next year.

What I think should happen is that Josh Rosen and Ryan Fitzpatrick should be brought back next year and once again allow them to go at it for the starting job and at the same time I think the Dolphins should draft a quarterback if they choose to in the latter rounds as a developmental quarterback to compete with the current 3rd string quarterback on the practice squad.

The Dolphins did not waste a second round pick and all this time developing and teaching Josh Rosen just to hand him over to some other team, in fact I even see some Patriots fans hoping that somehow the Dolphins will allow Josh Rosen to walk and maybe the Patriots can get him to be Tom Brady’s replacement really?

When the Dolphins use their resources this offseason to add talent to this roster and beef up the offensive line, Josh Rosen will be able to fit in perfectly and take over the starting job.

Josh Rosen has been quietly doing his job and is winning over the Dolphins staff as their future starting quarterback. Pretty soon the Dolphins fans as well as the world will see the wisdom in how the Dolphins handled Josh Rosen.

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