The Dolphins Kept The Best Fitzpatrick


Yes I know they’re still a few of you out there who are disappointed that the Dolphins traded away Minkah Fitzpatrick who since being with the Steelers have proven to be a playmaker for the Steelers the kind of player we could use.

But you know the end to this debate is that the kid didn’t want to be here no sense in forcing him to be here we don’t need no malcontents in the locker room so move on  I encourage any of you who still might have some bitter feelings to do the same just move on!

What has been refreshing is to see Ryan Fitzpatrick and his handling of this offense, the media, and the fans, the guy is just a lovable person, he’s a warrior, he’s tough, he’s good, he’s everything you want in a quarterback even with his limitations.

It cannot be underscored how valuable Ryan Fitzpatrick has been to this team in many ways and including up to assisting Josh Rose in his development, only time will tell how well that is going.

It’s just enjoyable to watch Fitzpatrick doing press conferences with the media and how he is just beloved, always has a smile on his face, always looking forward to the next game despite taking his bumps and bruises along the way.

I am here to say that there is no circumstance that I can’t see why the Dolphins should not bring Ryan Fitzpatrick back next year and give him the chance to compete for the starting job he has earned it.

I know that would be distasteful for some of you but the fact of the matter is Ryan Fitzpatrick is the perfect transitional quarterback until we get somebody in here that can beat him out. Either Josh Rosen or another young quarterback that they may draft.

This is no dig towards Minkah Fitzpatrick but in all honesty had I been the GM making that selection we would not have to had the issue with Minkah Fitzpatrick because I would not have drafted him.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has brought nothing but joy for a down season that we all most likely will forget other than the work that this amazing man has done for this team this year at this time.

Thank you Ryan Fitzpatrick!

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