Lamar Jackson In Hindsight???


On my way to work the other day I was listening to a local radio station and one of the antagonists was barking about how foolish the Miami Dolphins look for not drafting Lamar Jackson.

He was rambling on about how he was a local product and of course we heard rumors that the Dolphins owner Steven Ross wanted the Miami Dolphins to trade back and draft Lamar Jackson two years ago when the Dolphins drafted instead now traded Mikah Fitzpatrick.

I still feel that my selection for that year Tremaine Edmunds the middle linebacker for the Buffalo Bills would have been the better fit per our need at that time. But I digress!

No one can deny that Lamar Jackson is a spectacular player right now and who knows how long his magic will shine but as of right now the Ravens with their young  rising star quarterbackl currently looks to be the super bowl favorites.

So the question is should the Dolphins have drafted Lamar Jackson? In hindsight I say yes maybe they should have.

That being the case had they drafted Lamar Jackson do you think we would see the same Lamar Jackson that the Ravens are producing?

I’ll answer that for you right now, no!

Why we would not have the same Lamar Jackson and more important why didn’t the Miami Dolphins draft him that year?

The reason why we would not have the same Lamar Jackson is because Lamar Jackson is extremely fortunate to have landed in the perfect place for him. It’s very rare that quarterbacks coming out of college end up on the proper team for them to develop into Pro bowl players.

I would not wish him on our current Miami Dolphins roster because it’s a very high probability we would not see the same dynamic player that’s being displayed in Baltimore.

Ask yourself if we plucked Lamar Jackson from the Ravens roster and put him on this current Dolphins team do you think we would see the same player that’s playing in Baltimore?

Yes we’d have the same person but I doubt we have the same player.

As much as Lamar is a phenomenal player a lot of his success has more to do about the roster that he is surrounded with, he’s got a very good to excellent offensive line, very good to excellent running back situation, very good to excellent defensive unit to compliment the offense and a very experienced veteran coach who in his own right has always been very good.

The addition of Lamar Jackson on that roster has helped everybody look put him on the Dolphin’s current roster and even though he might still be the dynamic person that he is I doubt we have that same player.

Our Dolphins are just now finding their way out of the wilderness and in the process They have stripped themselves of all the talent and resources with the aim towards rebuilding for the future.

So as much as I do admire Lamar Jackson I just don’t feel that this team would produce the same player that you see playing in Baltimore and for that reason I say just enjoy the kid and his rising stardom rather than using hindsight to bemoan the fact that he’s not a Dolphin.

As to the reason why he was not drafted by the Dolphins that has more to do with the personnel we had in place at the time on the management side, remember we had a young, arrogant, immature Adam Gase as head coach, who from all reports seemed to have an issue with the owner wanting to stick his nose in the football operations, as if somehow because he’s not a football person he’s not intelligent enough to make decisions for the team that he owns. So I’m pretty sure Adam Gates may have been irritated with the idea of even drafting Lamar Jackson.

We also had Mike Tannenbaum still calling the shots behind the scenes while we had Chris Grier still being the de facto GM. So  do you see why we did not draft Lamar Jackson?

All we can do is chalk this up to the old saying hindsight is 20/20 and keep in mind that we do finally have this team headed in the right direction with the right coach and had Lamar Jackson been in the 2020 draft It’s a great possibility that we would be seriously considering taking him with one of our three first round picks in the 2020 draft.

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