How The Dolphins Should Work Free Agency In 2020


As the off-season quickly approaches (not quick enough) I always like to do things in a proper chronological order what happens directly after the season is over Is everybody sits back and enjoy the playoffs and the super bowl those of us who will be out of it like the Dolphins have been far too many times and then shortly after we go through free agency then the NFL draft then it’s wash and repeat for a new season of Hope in 2020.

The anticipation of this upcoming off-season and the future of this Dolphins team has got to be at a historically high level for all Dolphin fans because of the resources we have available and realistically this team has the option to do whatever they want for the most part It all depends on where we finally land in the draft order, ideally we would love to have the first pick in this upcoming draft  but realistically we might have a chance of being second, currently we stand in third place.

Before the draft, comes free agency and no team in the NFL will have more money than the Miami Dolphins this upcoming free agency period. Miami will be able to outspend the rest of the NFL by millions and GM Chris Grier has indicated that’s exactly what they will do.

How should they spend the money what should they do? Hopefully they’ve learned from past mistakes and will not repeat them moving forward.

Hopefully they realize what a huge mistake it is to spend too much money on one player to get into a bidding war and overpay for certain players in the free agent market.

Hopefully they also realize that signing older veterans is not the way to go as they often end up on injured reserve due to their bodies being abused for the many years they’ve been in the NFL.

I hope what they do with the free agent money that they have is spend it entirely on improving the offensive and defensive lines getting the best young veterans seeking their second contract having been in the league for 4-5 years.

Just because you have a lot of money don’t mean you need to spend it all on one person, hopefully they can spread it around and bring in quality depth players with maybe one or two high priced signings for each side of the lines offensive and defensive.

I also anticipate them looking to bring in a veteran running back running through free agency as well as maybe another wide receiver or two.

Ultimately though the key is in building this team through the draft based off of the Dolphins stated goal as well as actions this past off-season, they’re rebuilding from scratch as they tore everything down to the foundation and the way you build it back up is through the draft.

I’ve been busy putting together my list of potential free agents as well as working on my future mock draft these will be future articles coming real soon so stay tuned.

Fins Up!

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