Has Brian Flores Slowed His Roll?


This has been by far the strangest season for me as a Dolphins fan for well over 50 years.

I am a walking history book when it comes to this team because I’ve watched just about every game that’s been played since the age of eight and yes I’m dating myself but it is what it is.

I am 100% bought in on the management direction to blow things up and start from the foundation and rebuild this team.

I am also a huge fan of our current head coach Brian Flores and his staff because I think they’ve done an excellent job of player development and methodically helping this team each week to be prepared to play against teams that are more talented than what they currently are.

What has made this season so strange for me is that even though I do agree with the majority of the fans as well as management and even possibly the owner that we need to not win any more games, I find it hard while watching the games to root against the team I’m conflicted when it comes to wanting them to lose versus rooting for them to lose if that makes any sense.

I watch the games, I get upset when I see stupid plays or bone-headed mistakes and I really hate it when this team gets blown out that’s my biggest pet peeve.

For some reason I want it all to play out just perfectly, that they play real hard, give it a good fight but at the end they lose. In the meantime while watching the games I’m rooting for them to win call me crazy!

So you can imagine how I felt at the beginning of the season when the Ravens monkey-stomped our Dolphins, even though of late it don’t look that bad because The Ravens are monkeys-stomping everybody.

I was happy that they won against the Jets, I was unhappy that they turned around and beat the Baltimore Colts the next week and extremely concerned that they can win another game to the point that I wanted to write in and tell the team to bench Brian Flores 😁

But lately I think I see our head coach talking the talk but no longer walking the walk, at least that’s my hope and if he is I say welcome aboard, I hope that it’s true but he’ll never admit it, he’ll get up on that podium each week when he talks to the media and give the same old spew about  their plan to win but I’ve seen some questionable decisions made during the game that make me question whether they truly are trying to win.

Mind you this is no factual information but when I’m hoping is the case because it truly is the right thing to do after all the sacrifices that’s been made this season and we fans enduring these sacrifices along with this team.

Do you think it’s coincidental that Chris Grier keeps sending the best talented players left on IR?

I hope that Brian Flores and his staff have bought in to the realization that It is counterproductive to continue winning any more games.

I don’t think Brian Flores and his staff need to prove to anybody else their value, we get it they’re good, but the more important issue is always going to be about the future, because 2019 is already over, it’s been over since game one when we got that major beat down by the Baltimore Ravens.

For any of you who are still watching these games and getting too upset about the outcomes relax, chill, go do something else if it really upsets you that much. It’s not worth investing your emotions in the 2019 season but don’t go too far because free agency and the draft is just around the corner and I’m telling you, all Dolphin fans will be the envy of the NFL this offseason as Miami starts the rebuilding process after spending 2019 tearing everything down.

I want to give Brian Flores an Emmy for his acting like he really wants to win another game while at the same time slowing his roll knowing that winning is only causing more damage to the future of this team.

Fins Up!

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