Finally De’Vante Parker Is Delivering!


One of the more pleasant surprises of this lost season has been the play of wide receiver De’Vante Parker, a player who has been written off by many (including myself ) as a major bust/disappointment.

With no apologies, the truth is he had been a major disappointment throughout his career, but to his credit and much to my surprise, this season he’s played like the player we thought we got when we drafted him in the first round 4 years ago.

In the past Parker has been plagued with many issues, injuries, poor dieting habits and inconsistency has produced subpar seasons throughout his career.

This season however Parker has proven to be our most reliable, consistent, productive receiver on the team.

This is good news for both himself and the Dolphins as we move forward because Parker is earning himself a potential pay raise to coincide with his play.

I still caution the Dolphins to remember his past three season when considering offering him a pay raise, I would strongly suggest that it be heavily incentive-based contract, based off of games played and any achievements that the team make such as playoff appearances and ultimately the super bowl.

What was once a player that many have written off and much to the credit of the Dolphins to give him another chance to prove himself this year, De’Vante Parker has stepped up big time and I look forward to seeing him play on Sundays.

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