The Foundation Is In Place!


Every building needs a foundation one that’s strong and can maintain the weight of the entire edifice. Without a solid foundation you have no building and if the foundation is truly weak it might be in your best interest to tear the building down and start off with a new foundation

The Dolphins for the past 20 plus seasons have been trying to repair a broken foundation with no success thus we’ve had 20 plus years of mediocrity when it comes to the Dolphins record always thinking that the foundation was strong enough and if you could prop it up with a few pieces here and there that somehow this team would be a contender and year after year nothing but failure.

I contend that the Miami Dolphins had a series of unfortunate circumstances I go back to former GM Jeff Ireland who in my opinion loaded the Dolphins roster up with talent, sufficient talent to be a contender but unfortunately he was undermined by the owner and others who did not allow him to select his own head coach.

Jeff Ireland was forced to accept Tony Sparano, Joe Philbin as head coaches one chosen by former GM Bill Parcells and the other chosen by the owner.

These truly were bad choices as head coaches for the Miami Dolphins as neither one of them was ever chosen to be a head coach for any other team.

I wrote different articles over the years about putting the cart before the horse and how dysfunctional Dolphins management was, between backbiting, internal arguments and even pouting where the GM would not talk to the head coach, this team was a total mess.

I often wrote about how things were not properly structured by the team, you either had a GM who was forced on a coach or coach who was forced on a GM, thus the dysfunction continued for years until the owner finally realized what needed to be done.

This past January owner Steven Ross decided to turn the keys over to who at the time was considered a de facto GM Chris Grier and cleaned house and now Chris Grier has put this team in the right direction and starting with a clean slate hired head coach Brian Flores and his staff.

If you have been paying attention to what’s going on with the coaching staff we all should rejoice that we finally seem to have in place the right guy to lead this team in the future, add to that the plethora of resources that we have over the next two years to add talent to this roster and I cannot understand why any true Dolphins fan would not be excited about the future.

The  Dolphins seem to be headed in the right direction, we  have in place a good coaching staff who seems to take care in developing the young players that they currently have on the roster, despite not having the talent or even maybe the size that they want per position, but they’re doing the best with what they have and very soon they will be given the proper pieces to continue to build from this salad foundation.

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