Should Chris Grier Do The Grocery Shopping?


Who can forget when Bill parcells made the statement If they want you to cook the dinner, at least they ought to let you shop for some of the groceries.”

Bill Parcells at the time was the head coach of the New England Patriots and he was not getting along with new owner Robert Kraft on decision making for the roster of the New England Patriots.

Bill Parcells would eventually leave the Patriots and move on to become GM / coach of the New York Jets due to that disagreement.

I happen to feel that in today’s NFL you need to have a separate GM and coach because it’s too much responsibility for one man to do it all and even though I agree that the GM should work closely with the coach to get to understand the type of players he wants ultimately it’s the GM’s responsibility to select the players through free agency and the draft.

Even though ironically the New England Patriots current head coach Bill Belichick also plays the role of the general manager.

You cannot argue with Bill Belichick’s ability to coach, you can however question his abilities at GM because the New England Patriots though successful on the field has  not had great success in drafting talent.

Looking at the Miami Dolphins and the potential they have this upcoming off season to make a significant upgrade to this roster many question whether it should be Chris Grier picking the players or in other words doing the shopping.

I’m here in support of our current GM and I will give you the reasons why I fully support him being the one doing the shopping.

Chris Grier has been with Miami since 2007 when he originally was director of college scouting for the Miami Dolphins, he eventually worked his way up to general manager starting in 2016 but realistically he gained full control of the general manager role when owner Stephen Ross finally wised up and clean house by getting rid of Mike Tannenbaum and Adam Gase and promoting Chris Grier to be in complete control of the team this past January.

The first decision that needed to be made by Chris Grier a decision that for the first time was his and only his to make and one of the most important decisions of this team’s immediate future was to select the next head coach and he chose current head coach Brian Flores a person I had never heard of before and had no clue who he was until that name was being floated around as to who the Dolphins wanted at that time.

I was opposed to another first time head coach and especially one I never heard of before, but I can say with 100% confidence that they got the right guy and I fully support Brian Flores and his staff as I’ve been very impressed with this coach, his demeanor and the way he handles himself, his staff, the media and the players.

The next thing that needed to be done was to turn their attention to the roster and what they should do… Should they extend Ryan Tannehill’s contract, should they continue on with that flawed attitude that they’re one or two players away from being a contender or should they gut the team for a complete rebuild?

After being with the Dolphins for years Chris Grier knew exactly what needed to be done, this team needed to be completely overhauled, a complete gut and rebuild was the decision made with the owner’s support.

Chris Grier decided to get rid of all the bad contracts the Dolphins owned, so with a series of very shrewd maneuvers he began to get rid of players and contracts that were disadvantageous towards the teams goals of rebuilding.

Yes it hurt to lose a few favorite players that we had to get rid of but look at the end results of all the hard work that he did.

This team is now in position to have more money in free agency than any other team  (By millions) in the NFL and in the upcoming NFL draft there will be no team with more picks than the Miami Dolphins  having three first round picks at at this time approximately 14 overall!

There are some moves made that many would disagree with and argue against, such as getting rid of Laremy Tunsil and Minkah Fitzpatrick as well as in some people’s mind also getting rid of Kenyan Drake.

I too wish somehow we could have held on to at least Laremy Tunsil because out of the three he did not want to be traded, but the other two did not want to be here and even though some can argue that who cares what they wanted, I happen to agree that if a player don’t want to be here then if we can move them, move them, because there is no advantage to having a malcontent in the locker room!

After having done all this work putting the Dolphins in this great position some want to question whether or not Chris Grier should be the one doing the shopping, siteing a few things such as this long tenure with the Dolphins and what his role was in past decisions.

I say it’s hard to put 100% blame on a man who didn’t have final say, everyone felt that when Mike Tannenbaum and Adam Gase were with the team that Chris Grier was GM in name only at that time.

But since gaining full control and having a final say who can argue with what he has done to point this Dolphins team in the direction they are headed and with all the resources that they have?

Yes! He has EARNED the right and should be the one along with collaborating with his staff, his scouts, his head coach and the owner but ultimately Chris Grier should be the one making the decisions as to who will be on this roster for the rebuild starting with free agency and culminating in the 2020 NFL draft.

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