Playing The Hand You’ve Been Dealt!

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In life when you play games like poker, spades, dominoes or any other fun and exciting games whether you play them for fun or even if you bet on them, the reality is you end up playing the hand your dealt.

What that means in short, is that sometimes you’re just going to get a bad hand whether it be spades, poker or whatever… you automatically know it’s not a winning hand, just the opposite, when you have a good hand you can  play with confidence or even bet with confidence Knowing how good your hand is.

That’s part of life’s lessons, because even in real life fortunately or unfortunately we have to play  the hand we’ve been dealt. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

But winning can be more about just being lucky, winning can be predicated behind a good strategy.

 If you are very good you might can somehow find a way to win, even with a bad hand but it’s very rare when you have a bad hand to win if the talent level that you’re playing against is good.

Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores has been dealt a bad hand, the cards have been stacked against him, and it has been by design from GM Chris Grier.

No there’s been no malice in what GM Grier has done, as I’m sure Brian Flores was well aware of management’s desire to blow this team up and do the rebuild right.

Most of the intelligent well-aware Dol-fans have bought in to what’s being done to the Dolphins, It seemed like every week more and more talent is being stripped from the team, the currentl  roster is full of players that most likely will not be on this team in the near future.

Brian Flores has not been blindsided but to his credit he and his staff has still worked hard to put themselves in a position to be competitive in games and it has shown for the most part.

But make no mistake about it, his hands are tied behind his back and he’s going into a weekly fight with a knife against teams that are fully loaded with guns.

That’s why I’ve been so impressed with what Brian Flores and his staff have done with this roster and the fact that they continue to fight hard despite being at a huge disadvantage.

Much credit must also go to Ryan Fitzpatrick He’s been the pleasant surprise that I thought he would be throughout the season. He’s taking his bumps and bruises and after being knocked down many times, he keep getting up and trying to win. You got to love the guy for that, he’s been a shining example of what you should expect from a veteran quarterback of his caliber.

Ultimately the desire of most fans, management and even some media personalities is that this team maintains its course at getting a high draft pick in the 2020 NFL draft, we’re not concerned about winning but we are concerned about showing progress and playing competitive as best they can.

But we know that they’re at a huge disadvantage and at times they’re just going to get beat because they lack the talent on this roster more than any other team in the NFL the Dolphins have the least talented roster.

It’s been part of the plan and displaying no self-pity Brian Flores and his staff just needs to continue to play the hand that they’ve been dealt and let the chips fall where they may.

Next year this roster will be loaded with talented players looking to make a name for themselves and with this coaching staff that we have I truly believe this is the beginning of a team that’s headed finally after 20 years in the right direction.

Fins Up!

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