Is Josh Rosen Our Future Backup or Starter?


The one person that seems to be lost in this whole situation is quarterback Josh Rosen who the Dolphins gave up a second round pick and a little more to acquire.

There was a push early on in the season for some unknown reason to force this kid to start, I personally feel that he should have been sitting all season and learning this complicated offense that puts a lot of responsibility on the quarterback position more so than other offenses.

For some reason these cries are once again popping up that the Dolphins should start Josh Rosen somewhere between now and the end of the season.

The only reason why I would even think about starting Josh Rosen is if Ryan Fitzpatrick is hurt and needs to come out. Yes I get it that many of you feel he needs to get the experience, and that the Dolphins need to evaluate him further but I also feel that he can also get invaluable experience by just watching and learning from the Wiley veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick.

I can’t underscore enough how at the age of 22 some folks want to put more responsibility on these young quarterbacks than need be, the Dolphins have the luxury of having Ryan Fitzpatrick and he’s a better quarterback and should be starting.

I’m looking forward to Josh Rosen coming back in the offseason, going through OTAs, training camp and truly being in the right position to compete for the starting job, no matter who the quarterback might be.

I am a big proponent of allowing young quarterbacks when possible to sit back and watch, give him a red shirt year. Yes I know this is Josh Rosen’s second year in the league but it’s still his first year with the Dolphins and this staff and they can truly evaluate him during practices and in meetings as well as his preparation throughout the week leading up to the games, as long as he’s in that building he’s being evaluated and I think they like what they see but realize there’s no rush to push him into a position that he just might not be fully ready for.

I don’t mind if we do get a chance to see him play again this year but I’m also okay if that should not happen, because he’s on this roster, he’s learning the offense and he’s going to be in a position to compete properly next off season.

I know many have given up on him because they don’t see what’s going on but I am truly confident especially with this coaching staff that Josh Rosen is being properly coached up to be in a position to properly compete for the starting job in the very near future.

Until then just be patient, I’m also of the opinion that the Dolphins don’t even need to draft a quarterback in 2020 all allowing another year of evaluation of Josh Rosen before they decide to draft another quarterback. For now it’s just nice to have young Josh Rosen in the fold.

I’m curious to see what they decide to do this upcoming off season with free agency and the draft, if they bypass a quarterback this offseason that says a lot about what they think about Josh Rosen who could potentially be our future franchise quarterback.

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