With Tua Out Should The Dolphins Focus In A Different Direction?


First of all I want to wish Alabama’s quarterback a speedy and healthy recovery as it is an unfortunate injury that is going to have a major affect on not only his career but the upcoming 2020 NFL draft.

I think ultimately the best option for him would be to go back and play another year for Alabama to prove he is healthy and ready to go in the NFL draft in 2021.

Tua’s injury has changed the landscape of the 2020 NFL draft regardless of whether the Alabama quarterback decide to declare for the draft or go back to college for another year.

Mostly through the internet and rumors It’s been reported that the Dolphins were looking heavily at drafting the Alabama quarterback in the 2020 NFL draft.

I have always been of the opinion that the Miami Dolphins should focus on anything but a quarterback in the upcoming draft because they have a young quarterback that I still think needs some time to develop and they are developing and even though some people have already given up on him I personally feel Josh Rosen still could potentially be our future franchise quarterback more on that in a future article.

The Dolphins are armed with a lot of ammunition when it comes to the upcoming free agency and NFL draft and this team needs to add more talent at every position to improve the roster.

Despite many mock drafts having the Dolphins picking offensively, I think the Dolphins will be better served to look at the defensive side of the ball in the draft to add more talent on that side.

It just seems to me the natural way they should go especially when you consider that we have a defensive minded head coach and you can see that he is really focused on building one of the best defensive units in the league and if you have been paying attention lately despite having insufficient talent on a defensive side of the ball they have been playing pretty well over the last few weeks.

Can you imagine how much better they’ll be when they start to add top talent out of college to this team? As well as young veteran free agents who have already proven themselves successful in a league.

As flashy and exciting as offensice’s can be ultimately the teams that have the best defenses win championships because top defenses can shut down top offenses more so than not.

I hope that the management and specific GM Chris Grier sees the wisdom in allowing the coach to put together the team that he envisions and being that Brian Flores is a defensive minded coach I can see him wanting to produce one of the best young defensive units in the NFL in the immediate future.

The Dolphins have a great opportunity in this upcoming off-season to do something that they’ve been avoiding for so many years, to finally build a team through the draft and produce a culture and a winning attitude that will bolster this team’s position in the future to be hopefully one of the premier teams that’s always contending for a championships much like yesteryear and for old fogies like myself I could ask for nothing better.

Fins up!

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