The Best Thing In 2019 For The Miami Dolphins


As obsessed as many people are with finding the right quarterback the fact is there is something even more important then the quarterback that the Dolphins were able to find this year in 2019.

When you look at the best teams of all time there’s one thing that is synonymous with these teams and that is a legendary head coach that manage these teams throughout their careers along with a Hall of Fame quarterback.

In fact you’d be hard pressed to find anyone more successful and legendary than former Dolphin head coach Don Shula, Yes I say that with some bias but there’s also facts to back it up.

Don Shula holds the records for most wins with 347 and the most regular season wins with 328 and it’s all about the wins baby, he did also won two Superbowls throughout his career as Miami Dolphins head coach.

And more impressive is the fact that Don Shula is still the only coach and NFL history to coach a team through a perfect season and that says a lot when you realize that the NFL is celebrating it’s 100-year anniversary.

In today’s world if you look at the best teams in the NFL most of those teams have been managed by coaches who’s been around for quite some time, you need to go no further than AFC East rival New England Patriots.

They have what is considered two G.O.A.T.S combination of  head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady has both will  go down in history as potentially one of the best and most successful duo when it comes to championship  wins in NFL history.

Rather than get into the chicken or egg issue when it comes to these two the realization is this that the New England Patriots have been successful because of both individuals.

Yes they’ve had some great players along the way at times due to a good defenses in other times because of Tom Brady and the offense but one thing that has been consistent is that Tom Brady and Bill belichick have been together for the New England Patriots historic run.

This brings me to our current 2019 Miami Dolphins team, a team that will go down as one of the worst win-loss records in the history of Miami, but at the same time the 2019 season has brought about a pleasant surprise, the best surprise of the season has been the head coach Brian Flores and his staff.

I can’t underscore enough how important it is to have both a top head coach and top quarterback in the NFL and the Miami Dolphins have one half of that equation in place.

I have been truly impressed with the way Brian Flores has handled himself, his staff and this team, despite not having much talent and a lot of inexperience they’ve built a culture here in Miami that’s going to resonate for years to come as they start to add talent to this roster.

What a pleasant surprise it has been to see this team mature especially from the start of the season, the first four games of the season.

Do you remember that fiasco coming out of the gate losing on average about 30 points a game or wondering if those embarrassing losses will continue throughout the season also many were even wondering if the team would even win a game this season.

Undeterred by all the speculation and being the butt of jokes throughout the league Brian Flores quietly put together a plan and has worked his plan to perfection and as a team they continued to grow together and develop.

We now have a young scrappy team still deprived of talent but full of heart and playing and working hard for this head coach, you cannot ask for anything more than that.

I tip my hat to coach Flores and his staff but even above that you have to give credit to who it’s mostly do and that would be our quiet assassin GM Chris Grier because it is Chris Grier who identified and plucked Brian Flores from the New England Patriots staff.

Many of us never heard of Brian Flores  prior to that selection and just like I’m sure many of you I had my doubts when I heard the name and I began to say oh no here we go again, another first time head coach, I had my doubts.

As the seasoned progressed and as this man continued to get up and weekly speak about the teams successes and failures one thing you see is we have an alpha male running the team, unlike our previous head coach he’s mature decisive and is willing to allow his coordinators and assistant coaches to do their jobs while he oversees the whole operation.

If not for anything else in this 2019 season this is the best and brightest news that we have to look forward to the future with Coach Brian Flores and his staff developing this team into a contender.

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