Brian Flores Coach Of The Year?


Okay this might be a total homer article but hear me out.

I’m advocating for Brian Flores to be considered for coach of the year in the NFL and here is why.

I can’t think of any other coach who is doing more with less than Brian Flores for the Miami Dolphins. General manager Chris Greer in a attempt to arm the team with ammunition to be able to go into the 2020 season fully loaded with draft picks and a lot of money to spend in free agency, stripped this team of just about every talented player young and old and left Brian Flores with a hodgepodge of players that they’ve been picking up off the waiver wire, undrafted free agents they’ve added to the team many of whom would most likely not even be on most teams practice squads.

Nonetheless Brian Flores without complaint took this team that’s been handed to him and built something that we’ve been missing for quite a while and identity and a team that is fighting scrapping and has pulled out two wins in a row going into today’s game against Buffalo.

Yeah I know it’s no real possibility that he will be given consideration by the league for coach of the year, this article is more about me honoring him now and appreciating what he and his staff has done because this is something we have sorely missed since the retirement of Don Shula.

I am already bought in and sold on Brian Flores and his staff, they are doing an excellent job of developing the players they  have on the team to play to their top potential and it’s showing.

Just think back to the beginning of the season when just days before they started they traded away Laramy Tunsil and eventually within the first two weeks got rid of their first round pick and talented safety Minkah Fitzpatrick who wanted to leave and they’ve also had to eventually dump the best running back we had on our team because he too did not want to be on the team like Minkah Fitzpatrick.

And to add insult to injury (pun intended) they lost their Pro Bowl cornerback for the season Xavian Howard they’ve had to reshuffle the offensive line weekly due to injury and despite all that the team has continually gotten better from the beginning of the season up to this point today when they play the Buffalo Bills just minutes after posting this article.

As frustrated as some fans have been with the Dolphins winning games ironically the fact is there should be more rejoicing than frustration because more important than any player is to have  ca good coaching staff in place and from all evidence that we’ve seen in this short season I think the Dolphins finally hit on someone who can bring stability to that position as he and his staff build hopefully a contending team in the near future.

So for right now I have one confirmed vote for Brian Flores as coach of the year will any of you join me?

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