TDS RANT: Winning Meaningless Games?


One of the damaging things of winning games for the Dolphins right now is that the more they win the lower their status in the draft.

I know that Brian Flores has to be a short-term thinker because he wants to win games and he wants his players to play to win as it should be, but the long-term damage that’s being done by winning meaningless games is just hard to get over.

All you have to do is go back to the 2011-2012 season when the Dolphins at that time won meaningless games and what was the end result?

Miami ended up drafting Ryan Tannehill rather than Andrew Luck. Need I say anymore?

What are the long-term damages done by the Dolphins winning more meaningless games this season?

First of all the draft status is getting lower and lower they’re now picking four / fifth in the upcoming 2020 draft and another couple of wins or more and they might be 6th or 7th and is it possible for them to even drop out of the top 10?

Some will note that the Miami Dolphins have multiple picks they can trade up to get whoever they want and that is true to a certain extent, but one thing many are failing to realize is how important it is to hang on to every pick because the more shots you get to take a player the greater chance you’ll get a hit so every draft pick we have acquired matters.

This is especially important if the team is where Miami is currently in the process of a total rebuild,  where they have torn everything down to the studs and plan to restock this team with young talented players.

Everyone knows that it’s basically a crap shoot when it comes to picking players some players drafted in a later rounds turn out to be better players than the ones drafted early on, my point being I don’t want the Dolphins to have to sacrifice one pick if anything I love for them to get more pics because that’s when you have the ability to just continue to add young talent to the team and let them sort it out in the upcoming OTAs and practices.

Miami don’t need to package picks to move up and get one player the ideal situation though it is somewhat conflicting is for this team to lose and get back into the top two or three in the upcoming 2020 draft.

So I’m not ashamed to say that I’m rooting for this team to lose, I want them to maintain and even climb back up the draft board and get the top pick which might be hard to do because the Cincinnati Bengals are really tanking the right way intentionally or not.

Once again this can affect the team for generations the opportunity to have the ability to pick as high as they can in the draft cannot be underscored of how important it is for this team.

The irony of it all is this, It seems like we finally have a good coaching staff assembled which is just as important if not more then the players we acquire.

It just would be nice for the Dolphins to somehow secure a top three pick in next year’s draft rather than winning meaningless games at this stage.

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