Good or Meaningless Wins?


As I watched the Dolphins play the Colts I was conflicted in my feelings, part of me wanted them to just play a good game and lose but I found myself actually rooting for them to win during the game because that’s the true fan that I am.

These are truly frustrating times to be a Miami Dolphins fan because we all want what’s best for the team so the question is are they hurting themselves by winning games or is it important to build that winning foundation now regardless of the cost?

Oh I know there’s a divide amongst us fans as wide as the Red Sea, all you had to do is read the comments of the fans after the game there was a split and rightfully so.

I’m not here to question anyone’s fan-hood I can’t say either side is right or wrong I know where I fall, I fall on the side that I don’t want the Dolphins to lose out on a top draft pick. 

They have won just two games so far this year, It’s not going to knock them out of the top slot in the upcoming draft, but if they continue to win they will continue to fall down the draft board which will force management to come up with a different strategy in the upcoming draft should they desire to have one of the top picks coming out of college.

As I said before it’s hard to be upset with the coach and his staff or the players for doing what they’re supposed to do, they’re supposed to win they’re not out there tanking as many people tried accusing them of doing, if there were any doubts about that  before, there should be none after today’s win again the Indianapolis Colts.

At the same time this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Dolphins to be in position to get a top pick in the draft with all the ammunition they have and like I always preach It’s beyond the first round It’s every round the Dolphins would be able to pick  a top the board.

I just don’t want the Dolphins to lose out because of the talent that they’ll be able to acquire. Talent that is desperately needed on this roster moving forward.

I am truly happy for the coaching staff and the players, it’s exciting to see that this team has done what they have been preaching all year, they’ve gotten better each and every day and it’s starting to show.

Teams are going to be in a fight if you play the Miami Dolphins, considering how they started off to where they are now you cannot blame them for wanting to prove their worth.

But the truth is these are meaningless wins that’s doing nothing but dropping them further down the draft board. They are not going to make it to the playoffs and they were in great position to pick high in the draft in 2020 but continued wins does this team no good in the long run.

At the same time we can’t forget that it’s not the coach’s problem when it comes to our draft status, his job is to win games and to build a winning culture and like I said in the previous post at least we got the coaching in place which is half the battle, but I’m still hoping that somehow the Dolphins will still find a way to be picking high in the draft in 2020.

So in conclusion I guess the answer has to be whatever you like when it comes to whether it’s meaningless or productive for the Dolphins to win any more games this season.

Fans Up!

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