The Dolphins “Can” Win By Losing


As happy as I am that the Dolphins won their first game last week, especially since it was against the Jets, the reality is there’s no benefit in winning anymore games. Because each win actually counts as a loss for our Dolphins.

The Dolphins are not going to the playoffs they already have seven losses and they’re not going to run the table and win the rest of their games.

So winning from this point on only hurts the Dolphins draft status, the frustrating thing is none of us can honestly be upset with head coach Brian Flores and his staff for trying to do the right thing and win games.We also can’t blame the players for wanting to win now as everyone has their own motivation and we should not expect anything less from the coaches and players.

That’s their job, that’s their responsibility and that truly is the only way Brian Flores is going to avoid criticism from some who will complain about anything.

This current Dolphins team have me nervous because I think they can win a few more games but the only thing winning will do is prevent us from getting a blue chip player coming out of college, we need to get a top draft slot. Preferably the number one pick!

Obviously getting the first pick overall would be the best option but we should at least be a top three. Unfortunately after the win against the Jets  we find  ourselves currently 4th in the draft order if the draft were held today.

Don’t get me wrong drafting 4th is still a hell of a position to be in, there’s still a lot of maneuvering you can do especially with the resources that the Dolphins have.

But drafting 4th also means that we will be watching three other teams pick ahead of us taking players that we covet or other teams trading up ahead of us to select players that we covet high on our board. That’s why there’s no better position than to be picking first in the draft.

The Dolphins do have some resources (extra picks) that they can use to  trade up with but I’d rather keep all of our picks and draft a player or have the option to trade down for more pics rather than give up any pics in the upcoming draft.

The draft is a numbers game the more players you can pick up the greater chance you’ll get a hit. I look back to who in my opinion was the best at drafting for our Dolphins, former head coach Jimmy Johnson.

Go back and look at how he drafted he played the numbers game I think he never had under 10 pics each year that he drafted and when you hit on one player no matter if you had 20 pics we remember the players that they hit on rather than the ones that don’t pan out.

Players like Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas, Sam Madison, Patrick Surtain who we plucked along with multiple players drafted the year they were drafted  who later became Pro bowl players for our Miami Dolphins. One Even becoming a Hall of Fame player JT.

When you have limited picks  folks can target an individual who is drafted high and didn’t pan out like a Charles Harris. How many times do players rise above their draft expectations and become Pro bowl players as they transition into the NFL despite where they were drafted.

We Dol-Fans find ourselves in a very difficult position, It’s not normal  to root against your team and hope that they lose. In this case all you have to do is flash back to the 2011-2012 season when the Dolphins were in a similar position to get the number one pick and most likely would have taken Andrew Luck but instead by winning a few meaningless games at the end of the season it cost our Dolphins dearly as we ended up with Ryan Tannehill instead of Andrew Luck.

Back then I was into online talk at the Sun Sentinell Miami Dolphins chat room often frequented by Omar Kelly and quite a few passionate Dolphins fans called the mob.

At that time I was the only one opposed to the Dolphins winning because I knew the ramifications of losing out on what we were in contentions for the first pick in the 2011 NFL draft.

We called it at the time “Suck for Luck” I was called out for my stance on wanting Miami to lose In order to get the top pick that year even Omar disagreed with my stance.

Boy have times changed I find myself no longer alone in my reasoning that there’s no benefit to winning any games after your no longer are in the playoff hunt because all that does is push the team further down the draft board and further away from the best talent coming out of college. Thus the past 20 years of mediocrity winning on average eight games a year.

So as happy as I was to at least get the one win last week, I am back on my stance that winning any more games from this point on is counterproductive for the Dolphins future and so I’m back at my original position of hoping that the Dolphins play a great game, close game but at the end they somehow fall short and lose this Sunday.

From here on out I’m fully embracing tanking 100%!!!

This is the time of the year we’re winning is losing and losing is winning….

Fins Up!

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