The Conundrum


To win or not to win that is the question.

The Miami Dolphins had their first win of the season against the New York Jets this past Sunday and for the life of me I can’t understand why all true Dolphins fans are not happy for that win for a number of reasons.

First of all it was the stinking Jets, Yes one of the most hated teams in our franchise history not only that but to stick it to Adam Gase who is now being roasted up in New York is priceless!

And who could after seeing the locker room celebration for Coach Brian Flores’s first win be upset that the Dolphins won that game?

Yes theres ramifications for the win because with eight games left in the season the Dolphins (no longer winless) took a step back in the draft order for 2020 I think they now are drafting forth if the draft would be held today.

But keep in mind that theres still eight games left and plenty of time for this Dolphin’s team to reposition themselves in the draft order.

But for now why can’t we all just be happy that this team won a game and at lease for history sake they won’t be 0-16 and tarnish the perfect season of 16 -0 that until this day still stands as the only team in history to accomplish that feat our Miami Dolphins. Mind you a record that can never be broken only tied.

I, just as much as any of you want the Dolphins to get a high draft pick, I would love for the Dolphins to get the number one pick in the draft in 2020 because of what they can do in that position of picking first in every round  in the 2020 draft, especially with the amount of picks that they have.

At the same time it’s hard to complain when Brian Flores is doing what he’s supposed to do he’s here to win games and not here to be concerned about the draft order for the Miami Dolphins that’s management’s problem.

Brian Flores and his coaching staff have been consistent in what they’ve been preaching to the players, many of these players are very inexperienced lacking in talent but all together have collectively become a hard fighting team.

They’ve been preaching to this team to get better everyday and as you look this team has gotten better each and every day and it’s starting to pay off.

We are halfway through the season and can you think of a more roller coaster season then what we’ve had?

Remember the first four games of the season all blowouts, how embarrassing was that? All I wanted was for this team to be where they are right now competitive Yes I would love for them to lose but I’m not going to be upset if they win.

If Brian Flores went  throughout the season  not winning a game many of you would question whether or not he should be the coach, so it was imperative that they win at least one game and that they have shown progress throughout the season as they have which solidifies Brian Flores position as head coach moving forward.

As a true fan you should be happy that we have a coach who seems to be the right guy that is half the battle.

The one thing that is obvious is that we do have the right guy as head coach of the Miami Dolphins B flo has been the most pleasant surprise of the season for me.

I can’t say enough about this guy and I can’t even imagine when they add the talent that they’re going to add to this team how scary good our defense will be.

And have you noticed how the offensive line despite the many changes has improved?

In fact there’s been major improvement overall throughout this team as the weeks have gone by, so enjoy the ride no matter the outcome, because the Dolphins will be just fine come seasons end when the real fun begins to take place as they have all that money to spend and all those draft picks to select from as we Dolphins fans we’ll see the beginning of a future dynasty being built here in Miami.

Fin Up!

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