The Perfect Games For The 2019 Miami Dolphins


The last few weeks were the perfect games for our Miami Dolphins of 2019. They ended up being a very competitive games but at the end the Dolphins loss.

That’s all I want from our Dolphins this year, competitive games, close games  but at the end a loss, tanking or not the Dolphins need to get a high draft slot in the 2020 draft the higher the better to add young talent to this team. 

It’s always better to be first in line if you can and to be able to pick first in every round of the NFL draft next April would just be that much sweeter.

They don’t need to waste their draft slot by winning games and pushing themselves further down the draft board.

This team is starting to show some signs of development and growth under this current coaching staff who’s trying to build a culture while also evaluating players currently on this roster to determine who they willl  keep next year while at the same time I am sure management wants the losses to pile up just like I do.

And I’m pretty sure the fan base is split between the two, most of them are likely on the side of management this time because they see the advantages of obtaining top talent In the draft especially after years of mediocrity and failed attempts to try to buy a team by the owner.

The last few games are the type of games  I love to see our Dolphins play throughout the remainder of the season. Competitive games because I hate to see them get blown out as they had the first 3 weeks of the season but I’d love to see a competitive game with that one caveat a loss.

There’s a strange situation going on between management and the team. The coaches  and players are trying to win games and the management wants them to basically lose games

The win against the Jets today was a good win for the team because they deserve to win the game as hard as they have been working and I’m sure they don’t care much about the draft situation like we fans probably obsess a little bit too much about but at the same time I do not want to dolphins to win too many games this season.

Now granted I didn’t want the Dolphins to go completely winless this year I would love for them to win at least one game at the very least. What I’m hoping is the Dolphins end up with the top draft pick in the 2020 NFL draft because the off-season is going to be our season there’s no correlation between the current season and the off-season as we know the Miami Dolphins are in rebuild mode and we all are looking forward to free agency and the draft In 2020.

So don’t be discouraged by what you see on the field this year but be encouraged that the Dolphins making the right decision and have made the right move to try to put this team on the right track.

Hang in there Dolphins fans things are going to get very interesting and come free agency and the draft.

So all I want is competitive hard fought games to show that this team has the moxie and the ability to keep up with some of the best in the league at the same time at the end of the day I don’t want the Dolphins to win to many games.

Keep an eye towards the future….



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