This Game We Needed To Win!

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As much as I want the Dolphins to have a high draft pick and ultimately they still will I’m not necessarily sold on the Dolphins needing the first pick in the NFL draft.

The game against the Jets was a must win for the Dolphins I felt it just like many of you did that the momentum is changing for this team and they had a great opportunity to get their first win against the stinking Jets and former head coach Adam Gase who with this loss gets one more nail in his coffin.

Things are going  to get  real ugly in New York for Adam Gase they’ve already been calling for his head and to lose against a winless Dolphins team considered the worst team in history is not good Adam.

Okay for those of you who are looking to get  the top pick in the draft the Dolphins currently trail the Cincinnati Bengals who still have not won a game and could potentially go 0-16.

It’s not just the Bengals because now that we beat the Jets we have a tied record with the Jets at 1-7 and who knows if the Jets will win another game this year, so it’s going to be a complicated thing to end up with the top pick in the NFL draft in 2020 but for sure the Dolphins will be in the top five as long as they don’t win too many more games.

Coach Flores is doing his job, coaching to win and he’s doing a great job with this team considering where they started and over the last 3 to 4 weeks they’ve really shown improvement and progress so you knew a win was coming my concern is that they continue to win and push this team further down the draft board and the ramifications of that.

So even though I want the Dolphins to go back to where they were about 2 to 3 weeks ago very competitive scaring everybody but ultimately losing the game because at this stage they’re losing more than they’re winning when they win if that makes any sense to you.

But for now what is more important is if the Dolphins beat the stinking Jets to get their first win of the season and if that’s the only one they get in my mind it was well worth winning this game against this team on this day.

I just can’t say enough about the coaching job that’s been done by Brian Flores when you look at the roster and realize it’s been stripped of basically any talent that they had minus a couple players they’ve lost like their Pro bowl cornerback for the season.

Chris Grier basically sold off some very good young talent but nonetheless Brian Flores unwavering continued to coach this team up and have them prepared every week for the opponent, that says a lot about this man and the good thing about it is as they continue to get more talent on the team the coaching and the culture is already in place for future success.

Fins Up!

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