Is Our Future Quarterback Already On The Team?

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We all know there’s no more important position than that of the quarterback for any NFL team because they basically touch the ball on every play. They have to direct the team call the protection assessed the defense make whatever presnap adjustments necessary and accurately make the right decision in seconds in many cases fractions of a second.

NFL playbooks can be very complicated It’s often liken to learning a new language not everybody can do that It takes a special talent It also takes time to develop the skill set especially for rookie quarterbacks coming from college to the professional game.

You can liking it to the difficulty level in video games that you play the higher the level the greater the difficulty, until you reach the top level the most difficult.

That’s what the NFL is for a Quarterback It’s the top level of difficulty for the position no wonder you don’t have a great amount of success over the years there’s more misses than hits and teams spend millions of dollars and resources to get it right with no guarantees.

It takes time, some less then others there is no exact science and there’s no guarantees for example Peyton Manning his first year in the NFL he had a horrible rookie season.

Brett favre was riding the bench before Ron Wolfe made the wise move the trade for him and bring him to Green Bay. I’m pretty sure Jerry Glanville until this day is kicking himself for not recognizing the talent that he had.

I personally have not given up on Josh Rosen, to me it doesn’t matter whether he’s starting right now or not The fact that he’s on this team on the journey this year learning the offense getting some veteran guidance from Ryan Fitzpatrick as well as biding his time I am confident that Josh Rosen just might be the answer we’re looking for.

Thus no need to obsess on a quarterback position at least for next year in 2020 where I feel the Dolphins would be better off selecting the best player available in the draft with every single pick.

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