TDS Early 2020 Mock Draft: First Pick


It’s that time of the year again actually it’s been that time of the year you know my rule if you’re a reader of my articles for the past few years after six losses in the lost column I go into what I call full-time draft mode because the number six is my magic number that says once you have six losses you’re not going to make the playoffs for the most part and even if you do you’ll probably have an early exit so despite my extremely extremely busy schedule It’s time to do my first mock draft and if you know my mock draft I usually do not change much from my original position. This article will be updated throughout the season for now I will focus on just the first pick.

The Miami Dolphins will currently have the first pick or the second pick in the 2020 draft and either one is okay in my opinion because the Dolphins will get the player that I covete with either pic because I do not feel the Dolphins need to draft a quarterback in 2020. (more on that in a future article)

In years past I was totally against Chris Grier’s philosophy in drafting because the Dolphins at that time had some young talent on the team that they just needed to add certain pieces to complete the team so I believed that drafting more like Jeff Ireland did was in Miami’s best interest he drafted the best player available by position of need where Chris Greer drafts the best player available regardless of position.

That’s the past and I don’t need to revisit it anymore but at present the way Chris Grier drafts is exactly what the Dolphins need which makes it easy to me the decision on who they SHOULD select in the upcoming draft.

But it’s more than that let’s look at the current coach that we have Brian Flores unfortunately many of the fans have no clue of how great a job this current coaching staff is doing with the players that they have an old offensive coordinator said you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken crap.

Brian Flores and his staff not that they have chicken crap but they don’t have any top talent and they have a lot of young players with limited experience many of whom most likely wouldn’t even be on certain teams or at the very least are more practice squad material then starting NFL caliber players.

Brian Flores is a defensive minded coach and the top player rated in the 2020 NFL draft happens to be a defensive player and that is who I feel the Dolphins should pick in the upcoming draft regardless of their slot hopefully they’ll be picking first in the draft  it would make it an easy decision at the worst case picking second would also just about guarantee that the player I covet in a Dolphin uniform will be there because any other team (other than the Dolphins) picking first most likely would be seeking to get one of the young quarterbacks coming out of the draft.

I’m pretty sure most of you have figured out who I want but for those of you who still have no clue who I’m talking about The player I covered and hopefully the Dolphins will draft with their first pick and the 2020 NFL draft is Chase Young defensive end out of Ohio State.

  • Chase Young DE Ohio State

Chase Young is an American football defensive end for Ohio State. He played high school football at DeMatha Catholic High School in Hyattsville, Maryland. Wikipedia

Height: 6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)
Weight: 265 lb (120 kg)

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