He Who Laughs Last!


The Miami Dolphins have become the butt of all jokes, the easy team to criticize and target for all the haters who are seeking attention such as many former NFL players turned analyst who want to chime in with their criticism.

The Dolphins are not the only team that have not won a game this year, yet I don’t hear a lot of criticism about the Cincinnati Bengals or what about the New York Jets   who after spending over 122 million in free agency the Jets find themselves only one game ahead of Miami having won only one game and that was not part of their plan.

What is even more disappointing is for some of you so called fans to jump on the bandwagon and criticize this team.

Yes we all have a right to our opinions and for those of you who do not like what’s going on in Miami I can understand that it may have caused some of you to be upset but anybody who is a TRUE Dol-Fan should be so excited and appreciative of what’s going on this season for the Miami Dolphins.

Yes they are the butt of all jokes right now but come seasons end in the off-season starting with free agency and culminating in the 2020 NFL draft the Miami Dolphins are going to be the envy of the NFL.

Our Miami Dolphins are armed with more cap space than any team in the NFL (by millions) as well as 14 draft picks in the upcoming NFL draft, and in the early rounds of the 2021 draft they possess multiple picks and I’m pretty sure after they finish wheeling and dealing throughout the 2020 NFL draft  They will be well armed in the 2021 NFL draft with double digit picks again.

Yes this is no mear renovation, this is a total gut rebuild down to the studs and after 20 years of mediocrity, consistent .500 win seasons on average and an owner who has not been out spent by anybody in free agencies of the past as he was willing to spend whatever they needed to get whoever they wanted to turn this Dolphin’s team into a winner. They finally realized how futile their attempts have been and now they are doing it right. At least they are making a good attempt.

If things go right the Dolphins should be able to build a team that should be a consistent playoff contender with some of the best young talent coming out of college as well as young veteran players who have hit the free agent market over the next few years.

So for all those busybodies who have nothing better to do than to try to criticize a team that has put together a plan to build for the future, go ahead and have your fun, laugh it up because we’re more than halfway through the season with just eight more games to go before the Dolphins real season begins the “Off-Season”.

If you’re a Dolphin fan and you find yourself as excited as I am I say congratulations because you are one of the intelligent ones who understand fully what’s going on.

If you are Dolphin fan and you find yourself upset about what’s going on I say be patient because the light will finally come on For you this offseason when you finally see the outcome of a great plan in motion.

Keep your head up! No pain no gain!

Fins Up!

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